CS Major looking to switch and break into high finance - is it over for me?

As the title says, I'm a CS undergrad (first year) from a non-target in Canada, which is known for its above average CS placements, but not finance.

I want to switch to finance because I hate CS and it's getting super competitive.
What are my options if I want to get into AM / ER / S&T ? I don't really care about the specific sector, but I want to make it onto Bay Street. Would a Rotman/Ivey MBA after graduation secure a spot in high finance? Or should I get a CFA or try to get into a U.S. target for business school?


It really depends how good you are at doing simple math quickly and recognizing patterns. The CS background would prove valuable in S&T, particularly in the trading side (although if you hate CS, not sure if you’d mind coding a fair bit). An MBA would only factor in when you’ve earned work experience because right now that isn’t on the table for you. I’d say taking CFA level 1 wouldn’t hurt to demonstrate you know basic finance and accounting concepts. You can break into S&T with a non-finance background if you can demonstrate the technical and academic ability. I’ve seen people do it with Eng and CS backgrounds it just takes a bit of networking. You should probably try for trading desks and quant funds. On the sell-side, the big 5 banks have pretty robust S&T operations on Bay Street, while in the AM space, firms such as CC&L have fairly strong quant funds.

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