Mobility options from Australia

Context: Currently studying a strong finance course at an Australian university that historically has placed extremely well into investment banking. I tried investment banking over this summer and found that it did not suit me. As such, I have decided to take up equity research in my penultimate year as I love the valuation process, and really do see myself as a person that likes forming and defending theses. Given it is my penultimate year, I want to apply for equity research at the IBs here known for strong ER - Mac, GS, JP, Jeffs, UBS, Citi, MS.

I am purposely targeting international firms and not strong local players (Barrenjoey, Jarden), as I want to be in a hedge fund role one day where I can make investments and act on my own ideas. Given that Australia has a small HF industry compared to London/SG/NYC, I want to have that option to move overseas and do ER to build contacts and market knowledge in these hubs.

I was wondering if anyone had any info on:
1. Is transferring internationally at a BB as possible in ER as it is in banking?
2. Would an Australian grad be able to compete for grad roles in Singapore directly?
3. Given that many funds in Australia (Pinnacle affiliates, Platinum, etc.) take grads directly, would it be worth going this route and then transferring overseas? I was going with ER as I thought the more intense environment would be a better training ground as a young professional, and the international brands would allow for international mobility

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