Projects for resumes

What projects (solo projects, follow-along projects) would you recommend for freshers to put on their resumes, eg financial models, valuations, case studies, research etc. Maybe recommend online courses that have assignments like this. Preferably free but also recommend paid ones.

know obvious choice would be to attach a research report but arent those very long and take a lot of days to do so, correct me if I'm wrong)

Thank you

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Nah the reports actually dont take that long. Pick a company you're somewhat familiar with (outside the popular tech stocks) and you'll be able to understand its business model and landscape within a few weeks.

Outside of that, for projects, I would do the CFA challenge thing if your school does that and the investment club.

If you do those 3 I think you'll have a solid resume barring any internships.

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MrPermaBear, what's your opinion? Comment below:

This might make me sound like a hardo, but not wanting to do the "obvious" and write a stock pitch because it requires a little work speaks to how much you actually want to be here.

As mentioned above, join an investment club at school and write a sample report. The CFA Research Challenge is great, but I think you missed it this year.

Your first year is probably better spent keeping your grades up and having a good time with friends anyways.

finalfkinacc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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