The Plan

Please read, critique, advise, and review my master plan to a life of wealth.

OP Stats:
•24 Years Old
•BS in Biomedical Science (non-target)
•Masters in Finance (non-target)

CFA Level II Candidate

•1 Year Financial Analyst at Fortune 500 Company (Energy)
•1 Year Investment Research Analyst at Firm with several funds at total $10B AUM

The Plan:

Step 1: Get Equity Research Associate gig at top firm in 2024-2025.

I need advice on landing this. I really love modeling and dissecting companies/thoroughly understanding companies and how they work, but obviously my experience isn't great. I am hoping my progress toward CFA, CAIA, and FRM will boost me. I also have been consistently practicing my modeling and plan on starting my own amateur coverage on a few companies (prob on SeekingAlpha) to further boost my skills. I need direction on how to land an associate position still because every opening I see has requirements of previous IB/ER experience. I'm starting to think I should just suck it up and shoot for an IB analyst job even though I'm a little old and could end up terribly depressed due to my lack of enthusiasm for IB (sadge).

Step 2: Stay in ER position for 3 years at notable firm until I'm 29 when I apply for notable MBA Program.

Step 3: Kick ass in MBA Class and hopefully exit at $300k base to buy side L/S or exit as MBA Associate in IB where the hours are sometimes just as long as Analyst hours, but the salary makes it worth it IMO.

Step 4: Grind the ranks until I'm 40, rich, and become a buy side PM (no desire to go MD)

*This is supposed to come off as ignorant. I did this with the intent that it would incite more criticism/commentary.

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yeeter, what's your opinion? Comment below:

For step 1- screw the online listings. If you get people on the phone, and show/can display a true passion and technical know-how, you'll have no issues landing a position. I honestly don't know how helpful the CFA is, but I've networked with ER folks in the past, and stuff like writing quality seekingalpha posts shows demonstrated interested. Also, trading a personal account, and being able to speak to some of the trades you made/analysis behind them also is a plus. Enter some stock pitch competitions if you can find them. There's a website for it I'm pretty sure. If you can show you actually have a passion for public markets and have practiced modeling/valuation on the side, I'm confident you'll be able to land something. Key is to actually talk to folks in industry to showcase this passion and bypass the auto dings on online listings.

dondrapered, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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