Allen Edmonds Park Ave

Hey guys,

I've been trying to get a pair of AE's Park Ave Cap-toe over the last few months. Everyone on here says to wait for them to go on sale, yet the sales talked about have been appearing online (Nordstrom, AE, etc.) and none are discounting the park ave. 

Nordstrom is offering these as the closest comp:…

Wondering if I should give up on trying to find them on sale or just the buy the factory seconds or just buy the shoes for the normal listing price?

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Park Ave is usually 15% off minimum in AE's Columbus Day weekend sale and Anniversary Sale (April). Nordstrom is hit or miss depending on the year. Never pay full price for any AE shoe that is not a special order/webgem.  

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Park Ave currently 25% off in the columbus day sale for both leather and rubber sole.

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Ymmv, but I'd personally do leather sole on a black Park Ave for meeting / interview / suit and tie shoe. Dainite sole is great in rain / bad weather with the chili/burgundy color - you can get it with the Fifth Ave for slightly cheaper if you want some variety but still an oxford. Sizing will be same in both shoes (and in Strand/McAlister).

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GoingToBeAnMD, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Park Aves are on sale again as of the time of this post, 25% off. That's pretty close to the bottom of what you're going to find them for so you might as well buy now. Yes, its still a bit of money but with care and re-crafting, these things can last you for decades. I'm going to take this sale to buy some of the Park Ave sneakers. I bought a pair a month ago to try them out and I ended up loving them.

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Jondoe007, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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