Best MTM suit options? Is Indochino really terrible?

Here's the situation:  moving from a business casual firm to one that's suit every day and need to supplement the wardrobe.  Want to go MTM vs. tailored OTR because I have some very difficult-to-fit proportions from lifting.  I have a few other large expenses in the near-term so would prefer to do this in a budget-friendly way if possible and am doing some homework googling - can anyone comment on these brands?

  • Indochino: most reviews say they're shit but by far the cheapest option and I'm close to a showroom.  Are they really that bad or would they work for a few daily beater suits?

  • Suitsupply: reviews are much better but MTM line looks like it starts at ~$1k a pop?  Also seems they fit slimmer (which would be a total non-starter for my build)?

- Spier & Mackay: reviews look good, nice price point, but all measurements are done online? 

  • Proper Cloth: looks like people love their shirts but haven't seen much on the suits.  Similar to Spier with online measurements which makes me hesitant (am not based in NY).  Leaning towards them, though.  

Turning to you guys for some input here!  Trying to avoid being a WSO guinea pig and getting one from each, though that seems like a decent way to diversify the risk of getting 3-4 pieces of shit that I hate.

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I view Indochino and Suit Supply as largely interchangeable. I bought a few SS suits, and they are nice fitting OTR for me. Their custom, I did two shirts that way to try it out, is fine - it's not custom, they use a fitting shirt and then you basically 'pre-pay' the alterations into the price. I'm not enamored by that, given the breadth of truly MTM options out there. 

Indochino in my experience is hit or miss on the quality - I have a blazer that held up really nicely with a decent amount of wear, two suits where one has started pilling a bit after a few dozen wears over the last year or two. The other has been fine, no pills. Obviously some of this is what fabric or weight you end up with. 

On the measurement side, you can often get a local tailor to measure you for everything you need if you are dubious of the online places. I've heard good reviews of proper cloth from friends who have used them. You may also look at Enzo Custom - I just ordered a suit from there, so haven't had it delivered but had a really good experience so far - they measured me up, then had me try on a few things to further refine the fit/how things lay on you. 


I recently tried Indochino for a wedding I was in. It ended up being okay, but I wasn't impressed by the material and have heard horror stories. Seems like they are hit or miss. I've heard a lot better things from Suit Supply, but haven't tried them myself.

Another option is to find a brand that fits you well OTR and then take it to your tailor for some alterations. 


Oliver Wicks has been my go to.

Have a few suits from them with differing fabric, construction (half / full canvas), among others and I'm very happy with them.

Unfortunately can't compare them against other MTMs as suits prior to OW were OTR, such as Ralph Lauren.

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