Black suits: yes or no? THE definitive thread (finally)

Alright guys, i've seen some mixed opinions on this so let's set the record straight: can you wear a solid black suit to the office or not? (not referring to charcoal nor pinstripes - straight black). I want to hear from professionals on this one. If not, when (besides the obvious times, e.g. funeral) is it appropriate to wear a black suit? What about black pinstripe suits?

Or... does no one really care?

I am a professional but don't work in a traditional office nor wear a suit to work. When I do wear a suit I wear brown or gray but never because I read it in some rule book, just because i like the look better. Here's what got me started on this topic:
In this thread written by a "prospective monkey" (though what seems to be a very bright and well spoken one) who wrote this:

I would advise starting with black, grey, or navy suits.

Then later on in that thread the user slayer said

as soon as you said black suit I knew you had no idea what you were talking about.

Then user APAE (whose opinion I really respect) said:

Pleats, black suit, and mandatory break on pants? Please, this goes beyond subjective taste to just objectively wrong.

Are we talking straight black or even including textured suits or those with a pin stripe? I think a black suit worn no mor ethan once a week with a bright shirt and tie can look fine but I only own black suits with some other feature (aka texture/pinstripe) to temper the stark color of the suit

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You don't wear black in the office. Black is a strong, formal color. Wear it for a funeral or wedding, or something of the sort. If you want to wear dark, go charcoal/grey/dark navy blue/brown/etc.


1) If you wear a black suit to a formal occasion you will stand out. That is what a black TUX is for.

2) You wear black to a funeral because your outfit is supposed to mirror the mood. Serious and subdued.

A black suit can look fine. I have one, although rarely wear it. I've never received anything but compliments.

These clowns tend to have mixed opinions. If they can't decide, we can't decide. Stop asking style advice and start wearing what you want.


It's not rocket science guys, you can worry about colors later, for now, stick to:


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Do whatever you want. I wore black suit to interviews and killed it, the only suit I have though. Unforunately most guys like above^ are judgemental pricks. If you have one of them interviewing you...well you're already ding-ed

So interview, no-i think you'd want the job, not worth the risk. Anything else, hell ya!


Okay so I understand that no black suits unless you're at an event, wedding, or funeral. What about interviews? Is the black suit okay since it is more formal and professional? Or go with the charcoal/navy? I wore a black suit to my interview for an internship and I killed it (MM, not BB)

A black suit is not more formal or professional. A black suit is wrong. The only time black pants or jackets are worn are for semi-formal or formal wear (i.e. black tie, white tie, morning dress), and that's not the kind of suit you are talking about.

The answer is no. I wouldn't even wear a black suit to a funeral. There is no appropriate time to wear a black suit.


There is no need to ever ask this question again - the answer will always be no.

This isn't to say you can't get an offer or go to work in a black suit - you can. But that doesn't stop it from being wrong.

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