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SonyGXZQ690000, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If your firm requires suits, I'd recommend saks off fifth. Usually get some great deals on suits made with great materials. When I worked in the UK I needed a suit. Now that I am back in the US it's strictly Lululemon in my office

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SuitSupply is very decent. I originally bought a suit from Hackett and switched to SuitSupply after a few colleagues told me to give it a chance and very very happy. 

Modern style and very good fit. 

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Moritz Mickelweiß, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I don't know if you're still looking, but as an ardent fanatic of fine tailoring I've done some research for you (and a bit for myself too).

--  Hugo Boss tends to be on the lower end of the sartorial scale in my opinion, because they have become too fashion-forward in the past decades. I've seen advertisements from the 1980s for box-chested Yuppified business suits from Hugo Boss that definitely suited (no pun intended) my idea of cool, but with the turn to modern fashion, I've become partial to different companies. For the prices they charge and the level of their design quality, I think you can do better.

--  As an alternative to Hugo Boss, Pini Parma is based in the eponymous city of Parma, Italy (yes, the town with all the ham). They offer a style based in the Italian forms (less structured than their English counterparts, for example) and have similar prices to Hugo Boss from their website. However, one thing about Pini Parma that may deter you, is that many of their suits have pleated trousers. I personally prefer pleated trousers on my suits for the classic effect that they give, but some people find them to be outdated.

--  Perhaps this is an unconventional idea to some of the people on this forum, but websites like Sartoria are places where gently worn garments made by tailors and designers from all over Europe are featured at much lower prices. Ebay is another place to look for these higher end suits at a fraction of their original cost, and you can single out certain categories and fit for the best possible match. I've heard good things about websites like that for men on a budget, which of course isn't your average investment banker, but is certainly a viable option for a better fit on an easier price range.

--  Finally, if you buy any suit off the rack, I highly suggest going to your local alterations tailor and having them take a look at it. Much of the time that we men buy our suits, the garments we pick out can be ill-fitting and and thus damaging to our appearances. If taken to a tailor, an off the rack suit can look at least twice as good as it did when we bought it. After all, no man should be caught dead in an expensive suit with baggy pants or a poorly fitting jacket.

I hope these suggestions can help you with finding new suits, and if you need any more help, please feel free to send me a direct message. I'm always happy to talk sartorial matters.

The mother of idiots is always pregnant.
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Moritz Mickelweiß, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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The mother of idiots is always pregnant.
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