Based on the most helpful WSO content, the dress code in my group leans towards "smart casual". While we don't have an official dress code, "smart casual" is preferred for senior people. However, it's important to note that the definition of "smart casual" can vary, especially in an all-quant fund.

In addition, it seems that the finance industry has generally loosened up their dress codes since 2008. Power suits and red ties are no longer the norm, and more casual attire, such as Midtown Uniforms with gray Patagonia vests, are becoming more common.

In the realm of Real Estate Asset Management, the dress code can be even more relaxed. For instance, a T-shirt, white blazer, and loafers without socks could be acceptable attire.

Remember, the key is to understand the culture of your specific group and dress appropriately. If in doubt, it's always better to err on the side of being slightly overdressed.

Sources: Casualisation of Office Dress Codes, Dress Code in Real Estate Asset Management, What's the modern definition of "smart casual"?

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Worked on a deal w Brookfield as a counter party and those guys were rocking ties late into the night lol


I always find these threads fun. I’ve forgotten what it’s like. 

i work in tech .  Going to the office is optional, doing work is sometimes optional, and dress code is nonexistent 

I used to go to board meetings where in the same room someone would be wearing a suit and tie (government) and others would be in crocks and dinosaur t shirts

my boss doesn’t even decide when I show up, let alone what I wear. Lol 

not sure it’s for the better but I’ll take it 


MBB - entirely dependent on client. Has ranged from full suit w/o tie to t-shirt & sober sneakers over the year.

In-office Friday is either some type of shirt in case we expect client calls or more relaxed.


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