How the hell do I dress Business Casual?

First off, I just want to say how fucking stupid a "business casual" wardrobe. Wearing a suit with no tie is way easier and more comfortable than trying to "not be too formal" and putting on a grey Patagonia quarter zip and some Allbirds.With that said, what recommendations do you have to build a good business casual wardrobe? Specific brand recommendations for sweaters/jackets/shoes?

The Allbirds comment is so true… had me cracking up.Quite frankly, I have the same exact question. I usually wear some chinos/slacks and a dress shirt, but in the winter, I think it's a pretty sloppy look to wear a non-suit jacket over top of a dress shirt.


I absolutely hate the Patagonia look as well — putting on a quarter zip with chinos makes me feel like an 8th grade history teacher. Anyone have recommendations?

I totally agree with you on the Patagonia. I despise the look. In terms of brands:

Trousers/jackets: Suit Supply is a good brand for the sub-$1k pairings. Another brand that I have been buying a lot more of is Proper cloth. I especially like the non-solid/stripe suits and jackets from PC.

Shirts: I think Proper Cloth is a very good option at the $100-200 range. You get respectable fabrics with a lot of options and a solid build for the price.

If you do want a vest I would look at something more like the non-down Suit Supply vests.

Thanks this helps. What type/brand of shoes do you wear? And what do you wear in the winter, given that you aren’t supposed to wear suit jackets?

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In terms of styles, I wear oxfords, whole cuts, and double monks. Oxfords are probably a good base and I wouldn’t really go beyond them unless you are comfortable with doing so. I wear penny loafers casually but not to work. I stick to black, mahogany, and darker browns both in solids and measum calf.

For brands, these are the ones I like and in the order I like them: Carmina, TLB Mallorca, Meermin, and Thursday Boots. Carmina is a very good shoe but you are talking $600-700+ per pair. TLB Mallorca is basically a bunch of people from Carmina who wanted to make good shoes at a more affordable price (see $300-400). Meermin is a direct to consumer brand (I think?). I really like Meermin for bread and butter shoes. Thursday is a “budget” option that is totally fine but I just don’t really like their styles. If you have non-standard shoe size Allen Edmonds is a good brand. If you can’t find a shoe size that fits your foot from AE then you probably can’t be ordering ready to wear shoes

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