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GramReaper, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If this is her first designer bag, I would do LV. Now which one depends on what she does and how much stuff she's going to put in it. The Neverfull MM is great if she's going to put a laptop and other things but it's more of a day-bag whereas if you're looking for something she's going to wear out to dinner, the Favorite MM is a nice option. (Tip: instead of the LV monogram, get the Damier print, it's more subtle but equally recognizable). Alternatively, if you don't want to go with LV, try YSL

marketMergerMaddie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Definitely think the Goyard bag is superior. I have a navy one and its both big enough to carry everything without being quite as well... in your face... as the LV Neverfull. Bring it with me everywhere and has held up pretty well. Got it after an aunt got it and figured it was a pretty nice bag, so I figured when I was looking for my first bag it would be the one I got

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Just curious, how's it organized on the inside? My current work bag has no pockets and it's always a struggle to find things. Feels like I'm digging around in a bottomless abyss lol

seekingalphadc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Honestly, I'd go with something classier, without logo all sadly this bag has many copycat and I believe this diminishes the value..

dillboi, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Definitely. Some people are ok with that - if that's your gf then maybe it's a good choice. You can also try browsing rent the runway for inspiration on curated luxury brands that stand out to you/your gf more.

quackwhore, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Don't do it, especially in Manhattan. LV has an extremely trashy connotation and wealthy women look really down on Gucci, LV, even Dior because of the tacky logomania. That shit got girls bullied in my school for being basic b*tch bags. If your budget is low, get her a Chloé Marcie or Tess/Tess Day bag. Even a Ferragamo tote would be better because it's at least viewed as office appropriate. 

I'd steer clear of bottega bags also, they don't give off sophisticated vibes and probably won't last the test of time. The only people I see carrying them are wannabe models on instagram. Goyard is also overdone in nyc

Jamm, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Goyard is extremely basic and everyone has it. Resale value also sucks. There's a reason why Hermes, Chanel and LV resale never dwindles - not that you're buying a bag only for her to resell it, but it's indicative of perception and quality

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LV doesn't belong in the same universe as the others you listed.

TheBuellerBanker, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Take her with you to buy the bag. I bought my gf a bag too and she said she didn't like it and we returned it and got a different one. Not a big deal but saves you the trip if she's not a fan. We ended up getting an LV (I started with Alexander Wang) which yes has the monogram but I've found doesn't stick out like the sore thumb I thought it was given it's dark enough.

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SIMMplicity, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Does your gf wear a lot of branded stuff / does she like that aesthetic? Then go for it! Otherwise, the LV tote is one of the most polarizing bags on the market, so to be safe I might go with something quieter 

Flat Planet, what's your opinion? Comment below:

No one from Manhattan carries brown LV anything since the early 2000s. A goyard is a better choice although also played out. Depending on age and style, look at bags from Balenciaga, Dior, and Chanel

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The Neverfull (bag you're referring to) is the cheapest designer bag on the market. They're tacky. Go for Goyard, Saint Laurent or Prada

alimanach, what's your opinion? Comment below:
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