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Hey all, incoming SA at an LA BB. Was wondering what the general LA Banking dress code is and what I should be expected to have for the summer and hopefully full time. Know the culture is different from NY, but everyone is obviously not just wearing loafers. I was thinking white and blue dress shirts, mix of navy, black and gray pants, and a few vests. Are captoe derbys ok instead of captoe oxfords? Also curious if it's ok to wear LuLulemon / Rhone pants. Any recommendations on watches would be appreciated as well. Insights on SF would be great too for reference.

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lol heard they're analysts are t shirt, sweater, and jeans type of guys. Assuming their interns dressed better though

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen

I'm based in SF but from what I know most interns in LA wear slacks/dress shirts (no suit and tie). Just bring a suit with you on day one and leave it at your cubicle. Both captoe derbys and oxfords are fine (as far as I know), but stick to darker colors if possible. Vests are optional - if you find the office cold you can def wear one, but not everyone does.

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  • Intern in IB - Gen

Would recommend just emailing one of the analyst that you've interacted with from the firm/desk assuming you went through a group placement process that involved some networking. Would assume things are more lax than NYC but things very firm to firm and group to group within a single firm.

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