What watch/ coat/ shoes to buy as an analyst for a Real Estate PE fund?

I quit my job in strategy consulting at CBRE/ JLL/ Cushman and am heading to a RE PE fund. My salary is 2x of my previous salary and the signing bonus is also decent so I was wondering what to spend it on. I am based out of an Asian country and when I visited the office of the firm, I saw that everyone was dressed decently and people seemed a lot more presentable than my previous firm however no one was exceptional. However I did notice that the guy who was interviewing me was wearing a Grand Seiko and a Ferragamo belt but the analysts and associates had some weird ill fitting shirts and Apple Watches on.
I would like to buy a good coat / shoes and a decent everyday watch. The only coat that is within my range and which I liked was Paul smith. ISAIA and kiton are way too expensive and other brands are not available in my country. I spend a lot on polos and sneakers so have a lot of those but I was also wondering what shoes to buy for special occasions. George cleverley, John lobb etc are not available in my country but I have sneakers from them. Are Bally, gucci, Tod’s good?
Lastly, I do have a couple of watches that my dad handed me. One is an Oris that is way too big and I thought I could use it as an everyday watch but it’s 44 mm. I am attaching a pic of it below. One is a nomos and one is a Carl F bucherer. I don’t think I should wear a bucherer watch to the office when the MD was wearing a grand seiko. However I am really fascinated by Citizen Tsyuosa which is an entry level time piece but I love the design. I am wondering if a citizen watch would look bad for an analyst/ associate?

Oh and is a Parker 51 a good enough pen lol?


It doesn't frankly matter as long as things are well fitting.

Check out made-to-measure companies for well-fitting shirts. Suits can be Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, and others in that price range, as long as you spend the money to tailor. 

Watches: can wear a Tissot PRX (<$1,000) or even a regular Seiko. Again, as long as it isn't loud and fits your hand well, it's ok. You can even wear a Garmin or Timex Ironman and no one will care. 

Shoes can be Cole Haan. Would avoid flashy items as at this point, no one looks at you and your work quality is what matters.


Ah, stepping into the world of Real Estate Private Equity, are we? Congratulations on the new role and the salary bump! It sounds like you're ready to upgrade your wardrobe to match your new position. Let's dive into your queries based on the most helpful WSO content and insights from the finance fashion aficionados.


Starting with coats, Paul Smith is a fantastic choice. It's known for its distinctive British aesthetic, combining tradition and modernity, which should serve you well in a professional setting. Given that ISAIA and Kiton are out of your budget and other brands are not readily available, sticking with Paul Smith is a wise decision. It's stylish, respectable, and versatile enough for various occasions.


For shoes, Bally, Gucci, and Tod's are all reputable brands that offer quality and style. While George Cleverley and John Lobb might not be available, the brands you mentioned are excellent alternatives for special occasions. Bally and Tod's, in particular, are known for their craftsmanship and comfort, making them suitable for long workdays or important meetings. Gucci, while a bit more on the flashy side, can still be appropriate if chosen in classic styles.


Regarding watches, it's essential to choose something that reflects your style and fits the workplace environment. The Citizen Tsyuosa you mentioned could be a great everyday watch. It's understated, elegant, and shows that you appreciate watchmaking without being overly flashy. Watches like the Grand Seiko are indeed exceptional, but as an analyst/associate, it's more about showing professionalism than outshining with luxury brands. Your Nomos could also be a perfect fit for the office; it's known for its minimalist design and excellent craftsmanship, making it suitable for a professional setting.


As for the Parker 51, absolutely! It's a classic, respected pen that has been a staple in the professional world for decades. It's reliable, writes smoothly, and carries a certain understated elegance. A Parker 51 is more than good enough for an analyst.

Remember, the key to dressing well in a professional setting, especially in Real Estate PE, is to aim for understated elegance and quality. It's about showing that you value yourself and your role without overshadowing your work or your colleagues. Good luck in your new role, and enjoy the process of curating your professional wardrobe!

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