SVB: Can ETF sell-off affect underlying stock price?

This is related to the SVB blow-up. There is a particularly equity in my mind that is usually bunched up with banking stocks in ETFs, but shares none of the fundamental risk overlap with banks. 

So my question is if these ETFs go through a sell-off because of the havoc going on with banks, can that also affect the stock price of the unrelated asset which also happens to be in these ETFs as well? Anything having to do with technical flows? 

8. How do ETFs impact stock prices?

Questions sometimes arise about whether ETFs influence the prices of the stocks they hold. In short, the majority of ETF activity doesn't affect the market prices of underlying stocks.

This is because generally most of the  ETF activity takes place on-exchange between buyers and sellers of ETF shares, which means that, most of the time, shares of underlying stocks do not need to be bought or sold to adjust for changes in investor demand.


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Please explain. 

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