Citadel Surveyor Capital Business Analyst Position

Hi all,

I saw this opening at Citadel. It's not a core function as it's not a trading / research role. It seems more of a corporate development / internal consulting role. I couldn't find much information about it but wanted to see what the WSO consensus would be for a role with these responsibilities. I wonder where you could go from this role.

It has a consulting/IB skillset req but I can't piece together why this would require sell-side prior experience.


Job Description
Business Analysts work closely with business development, investment and engineering teams to develop and design solutions that help optimize investment operations.

Key Responsibilities:
Design and maintain various business analyses and reports. Examples include PnL performance and attribution, competitor benchmarking, and investment coverage analysis.
Design, prepare, and maintain internal management and sector reports, including monthly performance and risk reports for investment teams
Develop custom reporting tools, including web-based dashboards for senior management
Optimize research processes for investment teams

Skillset Requirements:
Prior experience in investment banking, sell-side research, management consulting, or a related field
Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience, preferably in finance, business management, or accounting
Excellent analytical and quantitative skills, with strong attention to detail
Strong written and oral communication skills
Ability to manage multiple tasks and thrive in a fast-paced team environment
Advanced proficiency in Excel/Data Visualization – built-in functions, aggregation, lookups and creating dashboards, Tableau

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