How to handle Frustration and short-fuse at work

Hi all,I graduated last year and started work as at a HF in London.As the title implies, I have a v. short fuse at work and am quite impatient. Things are going well, and the team I work with are quite happy with my performance. However, I feel like I could be doing so so so much more, and it feels quite frustrating to not being given the opportunity to show what I can do.The head of my team is quite full of himself (but again which boss is not?) and that makes it even harder to put in a word. I feel like I should start looking for another place, but am concerned about leaving  1 year into the job, also it is v. rare to start a career at a HF and no one is looking for fresh grads, so not sure what to do.In any case, I would appreciate insight from anyone in the space. I did an internship prior to joining at a BB and absolutely hated it, so would want to stay within HFs.I think a big problem is that I started work a bit late compared to others and am super curious, and have had decent experience before in so I feel like it feeds into my thinking. Also would appreciate any advice on how to handle office rage. I come from a poor background and tbh was in and out of highschool most of the time, and I think raging and the urge to get ahead got me to where I am, but I feel I really lack on patience and discipline side of things and do not want to risk it.


I am virtually in the same situation as your. I have landed my first job in a HF straight after graduating (MSc) and currently I have been working with them approx. 7 months (analyst, investment team). Would be great to PM you and mutually share some thoughts about this.

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Sounds like you and your boss have the same personality so would not be too worried about it. If you ever switch firms or go corporate you will not last long.  Especially if your boss has not taken you aside yet they know you fit the culture somewhat.

Just be prepared that when you mess up (ohh I want more responsibility) your boss is going to troll you, clown you and rip you down. So be ready to take it but at same time they provably do not care if you are abrasive if nothing been said.


what you described already happened, messed up something and got clowned by the boss but then we moved on. Was super angry that day, but I did not see it the way you described it, thanks for the perspective! Any advice on how to improve on the behavioral?


It's funny to feel after only few months into the job that you could add SOOO much more value/alpha to your team. 

I'm pretty much in the same spot than you (1year into a MMHF role) and I'm quite at the opposite.

I feel like I don't add value to my team and that it will take me years to actually become a complete analyst. 


doing more does not necessarily mean contributing to alpha. Some of it is modelling, analytics and P&L tools. Also, I see you're in equities, so I see where you're coming from. I think you need more time to develop a judgement in equities that would make a difference for the PM


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