Interest in buyside growth modeling guide and example (from an analyst)?

I want to know if people in the community would be interested in a really tactical guide and example of what modeling looks like on the buyside.

Before I joined the buyside five years ago, I was very intimidated by the unknown and especially by financial modeling. What did modeling look on the buyside? How complex was it? What should it look like? I wondered stupid things like how many tabs do they have and what are they?

I had never seen an example and to be honest, now with hindsight, most of what I see online is way more complex than what people actually do and I want to shed some light on that.

And I've seen many posts from students and others looking to enter the buyside who seem to have similar questions.

This would not be an intro to modeling or accounting. This would be a very literal how to. I want to demystify this for folks so they aren't intimidated.

I've focused on growth (think software) companies primarily and this would basically be: here are the ten or so steps I follow for every model I create, here are the things I'm thinking about and looking for, and here's an example of what a model actually looks like.

If there's interest, I will create a guide and I will charge for it ($200?) but wanted first to simply see if this is something people want as would be a lot of effort to actually create!

Let me know if people would be interested. I can't post a sign up link but please search my username /u/buysidegrowthanalyst on reddit and see a post I made in financialmodelling that has a link to a sign up form.

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