Making Masks Is A Waste of Resources

Seems to me that the companies, which specialize in making these healthcare / medical masks, are the likes of 3M, HoneyWell if you do a quick google search on market shares. 

But, as like everything in life (crypto/bitcoin/NFTs being another example), people/entities dive heads in without fully appreciating the economic consequences of their actions. How / why the likes of Under Armour and Nike make masks is beyond me, and then sell that crap for a north of $30 or something. They call it a "sports mask" but to me that seems like something a bandit would wear. And second, who the hell, in their right state of mind, would pay that much for something so commoditized. So, this is a colossal waste of resources for companies like Nike, UnderAmour. On a recent trip to an UnderAmour store in Toronto, I was a bit shocked to discover that of all the merchandise they could advertise outside their store, they were promoting a "bandit mask". These look / smell like bandit masks. And is that the only valuable thing UnderAmour has innovated with in the last few years. This is a rhetorical question. 

Universities have also jumped on this fad/bandwagon by releasing their branded masks -- which to me feels like a way to deepen polarization in communities. How do you think the average Caucasian red-neck Joe would react when he sees an immigrant or a minority sporting a "UChicago"/ "Harvard"/ "Stanford"/"Yale etc." mask? The average Joe is probably very stressed out in life to begin with, and waiting for an opportunity to pounce on those, whom he views as reasons for his/her inability to achieve success. 

Lastly, and this is a personal preference, unless it is a Muslim hijab (which is strictly for personal and religious reasons), I find it hard to trust folks, who walk around with these blue/black/red/yellow/colorful/noncolorful masks on. It gives the impression that this person is concealing something. You are not the target audience. But the last point is unrelated to the broader topic i.e. Masks are a waste of resources for companies to be spending money on and ignoring their core competencies. 

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