Possible to get SA 24 position at London HF as a student from the Nordics?

Hey guys, first time poster, been lurking for a little while.

Wondering if anyone has a good read on possibilities for Nordic students to get internships at a global HF's london office (Citadel, P72, Bridgewater, AQR, etc)? Asking because applying would be very time consuming, but obviously the process is extremely competitive.

I am attending a top uni in my contry. My masters is focused on technology (comp.sci / AI) and finance, and is deemed the best masters in my country for business and finance, but a lot of people also end up working with tech. People with my background often work @ MBB, have PE internships with the top shops, etc. The problem is that most people do so in my country, with some exceptions working in IB in London at GS/MS. We have gotten a little more attention from London recently, with GS hosting a dinner last year to encourage people to apply for IB internships, and more alumni from my uni working there FT

A little on my background:

  • Good GPA

  • Working in ER at a smaller IB this summer

  • Worked with AI / data analysis at my countries largest bank last year in a tech team (not quant, more internal/ private banking focused)

  • Going to work at BCG this winter (tech focused) 

  • A lot of extracurriculars with leadership focus

Working in ER this summer I realized that sell side research is not something I want to work on in the long term. It feels more like we are producing a product to be sold, instead of focusing on finding an edge/ unique perspective on markets/companies that uncovers an oppertunity. I find the idea of having "skin in the game" be much more exciting, requiring real conviction and ideas. ER (at my shop atleast) feels more like making very safe assumptions inline with consensus and doing a basic NAV/DCF valuation, and then spending a bunch of time creating reports/PPs. 

I am still very interested in public markets, and therefore HFs. Especially in HFs that are partially quant focused, as alot of my master is focused on math and AI. Obviously it is insanely competitive, especially looking outside of the Nordics as I am competing with people from top global unis. 

Is it possible to get an internship at an HF for summer 24 with my background? If anyone knows of HFs in the Nordics that offer similar internships, let me know.


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