Sell-side macro research to buyside role?

I'm currently in macro research at a BB on a team that deals with portfolio strategy (working for an analyst like Kolanovic, Wilson, Subramanian, Kostin, etc).

I don't have a sense of whether macro HFs or any other kind of HFs actively recruit from these kinds of roles or how networking would work to transition from this kind of top-down macro research role to a HF given we don't do the company specific modeling that analysts in single stock research do.

Does anyone have any advice on whether this transition is possible / any recruiters that are worth reaching out to? My only idea currently is to reach out to juniors at shops that read our research and that we speak with frequently. 

Thanks in advance 


Based on the most helpful WSO content, transitioning from a sell-side macro research role to a buy-side role is indeed possible. The industry is currently undergoing a consolidation, with most assets going to a few firms that have outperformed in recent years. This has led to a re-concentration of roles in the largest firms in the industry.

In terms of making the transition, it's important to leverage your existing skills and experiences. Having the series 7/63 and one and a half years of experience as a research associate is a good start.

Reaching out to juniors at shops that read your research and that you speak with frequently is a good idea. Networking is key in this industry, and those connections could potentially lead to opportunities.

Remember, the most important thing is being organized in your research process and getting knowledgeable about business fundamentals. Understanding how companies make money and the sustainability of that is crucial.

As for recruiters, I'm sorry, but it looks like this may be out of my ability to answer... maybe some of the links below might help?

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