Thoughts on HF Out of UG?

Probably have some dumb worries here so please don't MS honestly really don't know much. Here goes, I originally planned on the vanilla 2+2+2 path then HF exit, but now I don't want to wait till I'm almost 30 to get there. Wondering everyone's thoughts on going straight to HF instead of taking the safe route. Im a bit worried about getting axed after a bad year since don't have any real finance knowledge yet (no ug b school so I'm a history major, might double up w Econ) I have a BB internship lined up for 2023, am thinking to gun for PE summer 2024, and then exit to HF for FT. Is this plan a feasible one, and does it leave me in a place where if I end up being shit I can go back to IB/PE? don't wanna end up in a place where I have a shit year and end up being unemployable due to niche skillset. Thanks guys.

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I'll probably end up doing HF out of UG if I convert my internship and to be honest from my POV it's an easy decision. I'm not interested in working in IB or PE at all and I know I find public markets and looking at businesses interesting so there's 0 value in doing 2+2. A safety net for the unremarkable doesn't justify wasting 4 years of my life working insane hours for jobs I don't want to do. I'd rather give what I like a go from the outset; if I wash out in a few years then it is what it is.

Speaking to people who work at HFs an interesting thing that most brought up was the variance of outcomes. You could make 7 figures 3-4 years into your career or be out of the industry, you can't be too attached to either outcome, just focus on the day to day and what you enjoy.

if you're not 100% set on public markets don't do it. Depending on the fund you start out at you can have some degree of good career manoeuvrability but it would largely stay within public markets.

tommytobac, what's your opinion? Comment below:

calling people who work top 1% jobs "unremarkable" is funny. There's always someone your age "above" you even if you're a HF analyst straight out of UG.

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That isn't relevant to the main body of what I was saying.

For what it's worth I don't disagree though, for all the entrepreneurs and top start-up founders my age that are killing it, I truly am unremarkable. I don't think that's a bad thing per se; value doesn't come from one's career. I'm not trying to shit on IBD/PE but its not exactly an uncommon sentiment that the work isn't the most stimulating...although a lot of clever people end up in those roles I suppose.

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MMPM, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Friendly reminder that if high-profile HFs like to hire from 2+2, it's because they highly value the training provided by that type of experience.

Might be worth weighing that for a moment, as surely they have a better sense of what best prepares you for the job than a college student does.

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