Typical HF Intern Hours. What Should I Expect?

I was looking at previous forums for this, but was wondering how much hours I should expect a week working as an intern in SS at a fund in NYC. They said we should expect a 40 hour workweek, but I wouldn't mind putting in overtime (especially given the 1.5x), and would like a better sense of both how much time I'd put in/pay I can assume I'd be receiving biweekly. I'm trying to budget really well for NYC and hope to save as much as possible, which is why I'm really hyperfocused on planning ahead.

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perhaps controversial take, but I would put in as many hours as possible. get your "required" tasks done as fast as possible, probably 40-50 hours a week.

while getting any HF internship is a big step up in your career and pays well, more importantly, it's the best vehicle to learn. I would spend as much time as possible asking to be involved in team discussions, getting access to past internal research/memos, and understanding how existing earnings/trades are playing out. having been an intern about a decade ago, seeing my friends in similar positions, and having had interns myself, the clearest distinction in longer term success was the amount of knowledge you were able to extract from your internship/job. otherwise, it's a waste of time. just doing the basic tasks teaches you nothing - consider it the bare minimum needed so you can access internal memos. 

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