What are some super safe income investment opportunities?

Hello - let's say you have $1m in cash and you want to invest it into something safe where you won't lose any money with the goal of generating an income stream to retire and live off.

At the moment you can just leave it in your Chase cash savings account earning 4-5% interest which is a solid $40-50k per year with 0 risk.. however you cannot retire off this as you know, it's only a matter of time before interest rates get cut and you're no longer earning that income.

I guess the obvious play would be real estate buy-to-let, you could buy two $500k properties outright in cash and then live off the rental income which would probably yield above 5% depending on location with no risk assuming you have tenants signed.

However, let's just say we do not want the responsibility of owning a property so buy-to-let is not an option and also interest rates are now being cut so bank savings accounts are no longer offering 4-5% interest.

What can you put your $1m into to earn around 5% interest / income per year sustainably over the long term with essentially no risk so you can move to the suburbs and live a chill life on the passive income?

Surely there's methods out there. My other thought was bonds but looking at bond index funds, they've performed terribly over the years.


Just to kick off the conversation - what are your thoughts on a fixed-rate CD? The rate won’t be changing / you can lock it in. They are also FDIC insured at a bank


“It’s only a matter of time before interest rates are cut” the 30 year treasury is sitting at 4.2-4.3%. You can lock in that 40k/year for a long long time right now…


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