Any other first-years thinking of quitting post-bonus?

See title.

Obviously, first-years quit post-bonus all the time, but given the shitty bonuses of this year, what is the point of sticking around? Unless you are meeting a two year requirement to go to buyside

Given that the market is not going to improve for another six months minimum and layoffs may continue to happen, I'm thinking it might be best to jump ship while I still can. I'm not learning much with slow deal flow, my group treats me like shit, and I will probably leave before AN2 bonus anyways. 


Get the hell out of that IB shithole and to the buyside ASAP. I did the same thing a couple of years ago and am very glad I did it. Joined a PE shop as AN2, got promoted to Associate 1 a year later when my classmates were joining as Associate 1's -- except I had a way better life for 1 year / got paid more. Now my dogshit VPs / MDs make decks for me lol.

With the current shitty IB environment, I would leave for buyside ASAP.


What if you can’t leave to the buyside and a mid bucket analyst


As in you got in off-cycle?

IMO the more I think about it I feel like the GOAL is to aim for a caliber of buyside firm, and then take anything you can off-cycle so you can leave IB immediately and get into a buyside role.


The shitty bonus wouldn’t be so bad had the treatment been okay and there was actually some learning involved. Definitely set on leaving but the job market is also not the best one to just quit with nothing lined up either.


First year at a BB in nyc. Leaving in a month, will be getting my shitty bonus in 2 weeks. Once I get it I’m putting in my resignation.

I got a buyside gig so no need to stay in the IB gauntlet


Guessing you got it off-cycle, meaning no requirement to stay for the full 2 years?


I actually left last week. Yes it was off cycle for private credit. Just saw the job posting on Google and ended up with the offer (think this was back in March or something)

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Leaving makes sense iff you have something lined up. Otherwise, it's a horrible idea in this market (unless obviously you really have to for mental or physical health reasons in which case that comes first)


for sure, as OP I just meant in th general sense of trying to find a new job


I am a third year and have thought of quitting post bonus every year for the past three years. 


What type of firm are you getting less hours for more pay if you don’t mind me asking? MM/UMM?


I'm at the start of my analyst stint now, less than 2 months in. I decided to skip on cycle to focus more on this role and to figure out my preferences more generally, with corporate and buyside both in mind. When did you recruit/did you reach out to recruiters? I feel as if I interviewing is a strength of mine, and considering a move like yours. Would love to hear any more about your experience. 


I want to quit but don't know what I want to do next and don't want to make the wrong choice 


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