Anyone familiar with Georgetown McDonough's reputation/ties to IB in on the East Coast?

How are career resources, networking events, alumni? How is Georgetown McDonough seen by folks in IB or maybe even PE?

Went to college in the U.S. and returned to the EU after graduation. I now want to move back to the U.S and and pivot to IB. I'm currently working in a PE group at MBB in Western Europe - primarily doing CDDs, performance improvement, and anything PE-related.

I can't really make this move to the U.S without some sort of degree that gives me STEM OPT for 3 years. I got a very nice offer from McDonough for the MiM program with a generous scholarship. It's safe to assume I am a little over-qualified since it is an early career program and I already have experience in consulting. I would only be doing it for the opportunity to apply to IB analyst positions/ potentially PE analyst jobs in the U.S. and relocate.

Does this jump to IB through the MiM at Georgetown sound feasible - considering I have MBB experience in Europe and also bring solid foreign language skills?

I'm a current undergrad at McDonough and I can say that for grad students I know some can place into top MMs. From what I have seen/heard anecdotally, there are not as many who go into IB.

Caveat that this is all very anecdotal. I would recommend doing a linkedin search for McDonough MiM grads.

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  • UBS AG 16 97.8%

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