Blacklisted by an IB firm for misspelling firm's name in email

I was in touch with an elite boutique IB firm over the past several months, but recently reached out to the recruiter for IB career opportunities who informed me that I will not be considered for any positions now or in the future with their firm. I came to know that this was because I missed a letter in the firm's name and misspelled it in the subject line of an email. While, that was totally my fault, are some firms really that sensitive with such errors?


You would think a field that relies on people having resiliency as a character trait,  wouldn't make such a big deal about stupid shit. 


+1. Know a guy who got blocked on Linkedin by one of their analyst in London after he mispelled « Perella » - the dude replied to his Linkedin message, corrected the name, then blocked him. Lol


OP, you are better off. Seriously. I understand the whole lessons learned thing (proofread better next time), but also know that sell-side and bankers screw up stuff all the time, can be super unprofessional and apologize for it all the time.

Chin up and Good Luck

I used to do Asia-Pacific PE (kind of like FoF). Now I do something else but happy to try and answer questions on that stuff.

I just absolutely love it when firms do this, especially if it was a gate-keeping analyst or associate (those are typically the ones who run recruiting for intern / new hires).

They just take their job way too seriously haha. Likely was a bad week for them and they took it out on you


Just consider the thousands of applicants they get and have to parse down to a handful of offers only. So yes, any little mistake, even something as innocent as a typo, can be a reason to reject you in favor of the hundreds of others that managed to write a letter without any typos or proofreading issues. It's a shitty lesson to learn, but it happens. And I bet you will also be double checking the spelling of names now and won't make that mistake again.


head finance prof at my school first time i ever met him and told him about wanting to go into IB starts immediately ripping me a new one about how hard and unprepared i was. Blah blah...anecdote about girl who went through recruitment at a BB and almost didn’t get offer because a hyphen was the wrong font size on her resume. Apparently now she’s an MD. everything matters.


Do people actually think this is true? Can't imagine someone getting that upset. Just don't respond to their email 


Sounds like something PWP would do. I get that vibe from them. (Perella, Parella, idk)


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