Bosses Refuse to Train or Critique Diversity Candidates

I'm in a group of 14 bankers, 4 MDs and we have gotten to the point where of our 8 Analysts/Associates, 3 of them are diversity hires that literally do nothing. 

We have other bankers, who happen to be minorities, not the super protected kind, but they applied through normal channels and do the same duties as any other juniors. It's just that all 3 of these people who have been hired through Women/Black DEI programs do close to nothing, have an excuse to take days off or "work" remotely for 2-3 days every week, still haven't learned the needed skill sets and worse all encourage each others shit performance. 

Now honestly, I blame my bosses. I don't know why they can't just treat these three lumps like everybody else, because the rest of us would get pushed out for this type of shit. But because they never get talked to, or even staffed on anything vaguely important these days, it sends a clear message to all three that they can do whatever they want and it's pissing off the rest of the team, including me, greatly. Even if they are all bottom bucket and get $10K bonuses, that is too much to take out of someone else's bonus pool for these people. 

I'm mostly venting but our entire team is pissed off by it and even the two younger MDs are very frustrated by it because they're more likely to get staffed with the Diversity 'Tards. Is there any way to take this up with our group head or strategize among each other so we can go back to HR and say "Guys, this isn't working, these people aren't working, and we need actual bankers". I've been working a lot lately and it sucks not being able to pull an Analyst in to help because no one has ever made an effort to train them or get them up to speed on expectations so they will certainly fail if given a real task. 

God this stuff sucks. 

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What was formerly a unanimous BB but now we're more like one of the on-the-cusp banks. 

Edit: Fuck it, I work at Citi. Why beat around the bush. We suck and it's laughable this whole "reorganization" plan doesn't entail firing the shit out of all of the useless check-in-the-box hires once and for all. 

We're literally lead by an incompetent, overpaid DEI hire from the top insane is this?  


I think this is one of the best benefits of MM banks - leaner deal teams mean less/no room for diversity hires. Perhaps you can leverage the Citi brand name to lateral onto a team with a closer to 1:1 MD to analyst ratio.

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why can’t i find these freeloading diversity opportunities…


Why do mods always block these posts from showing up on recent/trending? SMH


I think they are purposefully being set up to fail so as to be used as an example of a failing program.

There is no reason to treat them preferentially and it is situations like this that spur anti-diversity program rhetoric internally. At the same time, those kids must know it won’t last and are just milking tf out of it. If you really care, suggest they get paired with fellow, successful analysts on deals to learn the ropes. The status quo will be hard to change at this point though. I really think this is all intentional and the young MDs have to begrudingly play along. Next thing you know, diversity programs are limited to back and middle office roles far from the revenue machine because front office is “too much for them to handle” and they’ll have the evidence to back it up.

That or your superiors are incompetent. I wouldnt expect them to care much about analyst development but you’d think they’d allocate an associate or a VP to making sure they are at least on track to be positive eventually on the J-curve of contribution.


Analyst 1 in IB - Cov:

>diversity kids get special programs just for them to get hired

>receive the same training as everyone else plus the benefit of several diversity-only training programs like SEO

>completely shit the bed when they get to the desk

>"omg this must be because the system set them up to fail"

shut up and drink your soylent

Why do you type like you’re on 4chan? Speak full sentences and say what you want to say or shut up. The edgy, online conservative shit is cringe as hell. Grow the fuck up.

Classroom training before you hit the desk is largely meaningless. Anyone can pass that with minimum effort. What is evident is that they are not getting staffed to even get the reps and get feedback on how to improve from OP or others and this by OP’s own admission. That is career sabotage which is a very shitty thing to do. They are already being internally labeled “the others” and neglected in their development in contrast to the “good non-super protected minorities.” Like I said, contribution to a work team is like a Net IRR J-curve, most kids will take more than they give but over time, they will be a net neutral to positive contributor, given the tools to succeed. These kids are being set up to fail. They are provided 0 guidance and their neglect is poisoning team morale, again by OP’s admission. They haven’t been in the bed to have already shat in it.


Until there are cases brought to SCOTUS on these programs (like AA for colleges), this stuff will persist. It will probably shrink in recessions / tough times and many orgs that don't really believe in it now have an excuse to cut back but the largest ones will continue to do it quietly...until there's massive litigation risk for them. We'll need to wait a while


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