CIBC Corporate Banking 2024 SA Internship Interview/Superday

Hey guys, wondering if any of you got a superday for the CIBC Corporate Banking 2024 SA Internship? Also, how were your experiences with it, personally I prepped a lot of technicals but was asked only behaviourals and situationals primarily. 

Dumb Dude

have you heard back yet from EIT? or is it gonna be a while

they said that i should be hearing back end of this week but I haven't heard anything regarding the next step 


has anyone heard from the chicago office after the second round for IB


I have just received a second round invitation for the DCM in NY.. It is a case study and not an interview. Anybody got the same? any suggestion?


Has anyone else received an interview invite for the Corporate Banking group in the NYC office? I received an invite a while ago but never got the interview actually scheduled despite having provided HR with my avaiability.


I had the same problem. I sent them my availability but they didn’t get back to me until after 1 week. But I completed my first round for corporate banking and just received second round invite today but idk if it’s the last one.


Did anyone hear back for this? Submitted my case study 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything


Do they usually do an HR final interview (after the Superday) before sending out offers?


Hr did send me an email yesterday to have a interview with me after having my Superday 3 weeks ago. I just got the offer 6 hours after my interview. 


Anyone else heard back from CB? Not sure if they are done with sending out offers