Crash courses tips for technical prep (2024 intern cycle)

I am a sophomore at a target who's majoring in CS & Econ and I am recently interested in 2024 IB opportunities. I am aware that most firms will open in February and I am a bit concerned because I haven't had much technical preparation to make it by then. I took an accounting crash course over winter break and am learning valuation but right now I can still only understand 30% of the 400questions guide.

I don't think I am qualified for diversity programs (SouthEast Asian male international) and I only got 1 unrelated internship at a Big4 friom home to showcase my finance "passion". I would appreciate any tips for me to prep in time. Should I spend time on longer stuff like Rosenbaum or should I just try to do all the questions on the guide and learn as I go ? What should the focus for technicals be ? (I am so lost on LBO but my mentor told me not to worry too much, not sure if I should believe that) Should I just focus more on personality/best-fit-for-company questions ?

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