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Would take Evercore as if you wanted to leave finance you wouldn't go for MBA Assoc. All equal prestige/exits-wise within finance. GS/MS by far outside of finance, if you'd like that extensive alumni network. These are analyst-level insights, but:

Deal responsibility/lower headcount: EVR > MS > GS

Deal size: MS > EVR >> GS CMG (<$2bn)

Pay: EVR > MS = GS

Most importantly, find a mutual culture fit - who really wants you and will you like your time there? Generally, that would be EVR >= MS > GS but depends group-by-group (ex. EVR Menlo).

Edit: Will say that something to take into consideration is that EVR has become a volume shop and has been quickly increasing in headcount (about half the size of MS). The hours are getting worse but comp is still top, so really do your diligence on the people. Otherwise, I'd take MS - bigger ticket deals on less volume, and exit flexibility/alumni.

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kezo100, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'll go for evercore, I heard from my mba associate friends who interned there that they have the best training, you tend to do more strategic/ sells side deals and they try to make it a fun summer for you. while also giving you good banking experience for your summer.

They also have a higher RoR compared to GS/MS and the culture is the best for the most part.

Goodluck with making a decision

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At EVR so I maybe be biased but pick EVR in this environment.

The BBs tend to have low return offer rates in these environment.

Anyone that works EVR knows that they are very sensitive about not giving return offers, even to mouthbreathers. You just need a pulse to come back, which is not true at GS/MS.

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CMG is MM and was impacted heavily in the recent round of layoffs so outlook for deal flow/ comp is muted 

MS Pool used to be a good generalist program but now it's just a rotation across two groups. Great if you can get into M&A or M&C but wouldn't pass up EVR over any of the groups NY groups. Asso pay there is also paltry. 

Compensation isn't everything but EVR benchmarks to CVP/PJT and they paid in the high 300s/ low 400s for As1 this year, contrast that to the pre-covid 250-300 we're seeing at GS/MS/JPM and compound it over a few years and the delta is something to legitimately be concerned about given where Post MBAs are in their stage of life vs. Analysts 

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Your point on MS doesnt really make sense - M&A struggles to recruit associates to their group bc of the shitty hours plus MBA associates arent obsessed with PE exit opps to the extent analysts are. Same with MediaComm, sweaty hours so not that popular. WSO is obsessed with group prestige but in reality, especially at the associate level, no one gives af especially since youre already at MS anyway

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Is that high 300s/low 400s 2021 or 2022 bonus #s? Haven't heard that EVR released #s for the most recent bonus cycle. Finally, EVR is lagging behind CVP/PJT in terms of comp in the most recent years, given its trending toward an institutionalized nature.Last point doesn't impact OP's decision but worth mentioning

refunds_network0x, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Would say MS Pool. GS has gone downhill for 30 yrs and the culture sucks. Get ready to get cut tomorrow and watch your back. EVR just isn't in the same league as MS/GS for deals, exit ops, etc. Also heard the Pool is a blast and makes the job much more tolerable fwiw.

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Second echo about MS pool being a good time. MS also claims to have very strong return rate offer (compared to JPM/GS) but Evercore I think is stronger.

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What makes the pool a blast/good time?

goliath2235, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Evercore has the best reputation

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EVR and congrats!

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Eh, it definitely depends on the group. Any of the TMT teams and Industrials are going to suck on a consistent basis. At the associate level, if OP is a bad associate to his/her analysts, then they can probably find a sustainable schedule by dumping stuff on their analysts.

Real Estate, Consumer, Alts, Transpo, and HC are groups that can be sustainable to be in for the longer term at the associate level. Associates will have some rough weeks still no doubt depending on their staffings, but I know at least 1 or more associates in all those groups who are able to zone out after 9-10pm on average (even earlier for select groups) if they're not on anything crazy.

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What are hours like there?

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Depends where you're at in life (Analyst vs. post-MBA Associate) but unless you're confident you'll stick it out in banking for 10+ years, most would go with GS/MS. Brand name goes further outside of finance. Even though the talent pools are similar across the 3 banks (could even be better at EVR/ other EBs), GS/MS seem to open up a broader set of career doors. But comp differential between EVR vs. GS/MS over time would be meaningful the longer you plan to stick it out

bank1234, what's your opinion? Comment below:

What are total comp numbers for EVR An1/2/3?

Incoming cfa level 1 charterholder, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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