Experienced Hires - Listing Title Promotions On Resume

Hey curious to see what opinions are on this. I've had 3 title bumps in my current role but my actual job function hasn't changed. It changed once after my first year but while I had the same title. What's the best way to list this on my resume? Currently I don't mention the title promotions and just list it like this:
Analyst - US Equities - Dates
Analyst - International Equities - Dates

If I were to list the title changes I would think options would be:
Senior Analyst - Dates
Analyst - Dates
Associate Analyst - Dates

Or list one title and list the promotions as a bullet:
Senior Analyst
Promoted from Associate Analyst to Analyst on date; promoted from Analyst to Senior Analyst on date.

Whats the best practice here and how should I go about listing when my job function actually did change (international generalist to US covering a sector, still listed as an associate analyst)?

I know you IB guys look at more resumes than anyone so I wanted to see what the consensus is or how you guys usually want to see it done.


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