Finally got that FT offer!

MBA student here, interned this past summer, had a great time and got great feedback throughout the summer, last day rolls around, I didn't get a return offer and I'm left with a million different feelings....I was crushed, shocked, ashamed....but the worst part was coming home and delivering the news to my 8 and half month pregnant wife and seeing the disappointment sweep across her forward two weeks and my wife delivers us beautiful twins, it's the happiest day of my life but I'm laying there at night with a pit in my stomach as I think about the mountain of student debt I've taken on and now having a family that absolutely depends on I just grind for 15 straight weeks trying to leverage every single contact I know to find a FT offer....I get my first super day and am thrilled....needless to say the big focus is why i didn't get a return offer, I don't get that role and I start to realize this will be a lot harder than recruiting for internships.....I have my second, third, fourth, fifth superdays, they all end the same way with rejection and left feeling like an absolute failure....i'm reading WSJ everyday seeing more and more layoffs and our economy slide into a recession, feeling my chances of breaking into banking evaporate....then finally i got my breakthrough this week, on my ninth super day i got the call i'd been hoping for with a FT offer!

to the firm that hung me out to dry: I've never felt so misled in my life than through the entire recruiting and internship experience i had with you, glad you let me go and happy I'm going somewhere much better

to the firm that gave me the offer: I can't thank you enough and you are going to get an absolute workhorse with a massive chip on his shoulder, my family is everything to me and I'm going to work everyday to make sure I can support them

i write this post as nothing more than to get some feelings out that I've been sitting on for the last 3+ months, best of luck to everyone out there still looking

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True. I did just watch Pursuit of Happyness so now I'm supporting this fellow even more 

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Dimonfan, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey man, great stuff, you took a bet on yourself and that is great! Glad it all started to piece together. You will do great, that chip on your shoulder, that shit is gold man, it will keep you pushi, cheers

Sequoia, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Congrats bro, that's hella responsibility. Does your wife work or are you the sole breadwinner? 

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CreditAnalyst85, what's your opinion? Comment below:

She was 8.5 months pregnant and she probably into her 3rd month of maternity leave with twins.  Unless she's a very high earner, it's not going to make sense going back to work and paying for childcare for 2 newborns.

CRE GUYS, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Congratulations man! Literally have a similar story minus the raising a family part. I graduated college in 2020, got an office development analyst role, offer evaporated due to Covid. Spend the next two years applying and interviewing for any commercial real estate role as a consultant, with no offers. Until finally receiving an offer in Mortgage Banking as a Capital Markets Analyst two weeks ago and another offer in a quasi acquisition & development role. It made no sense as to why now worked, but god works in mysterious ways.

Timothyb, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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JeanneD'Arc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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