Not in the slightest. At an EB that has had a lot of attrition and the seniors truly do not give a fuck. Not a single initiative or policy in effect. People are showing their true colors right now. 

Only week <90 hours I have had since the summer was the week between Christmas and New Years and even then still pulled 70. 


For some reason this weekend has been quiet for me. In a sweaty M&A team too for that matter


Out of curiosity, do you know if this is reflected across all EBs?  I’m headed to one FT this summer so am curious if you know what your colleagues at other firms are going through 


for sure m8, 5 news articles & 2 memes was all it took to bring a whole industry filled with toxic culture to its knees... This weekend was Passover so we had it light tho


Not much has changed. Obviously, CS gave out $20k/£15k retention payments, Jefferies gave some goodies, GS is semi enforcing protected Sats (not really if on deal), UBS held a panel (lol), Citi states "no Zoom Fridays", and DB is giving wfh meal stipends.

But most of these are incredibly tiny changes and the CS move seems more of an effort to stem the higher than normal levels of junior attrition than as any kind of response to GS...


Lmao. Fuck no. Haven't had more than 4 hrs of sleep a night in the past 2 weeks.


Instead of better hours, would getting paid more make up for the current work conditions? What if pay and bonus was back to like pre-financial crisis levels?

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It would be better in terms of retention / worthiness of the job, but I can tell you that after having worked 100-110h weeks, for groups that do it on the reg the only thing you Think about is survival: sleeping (you’re sleep deprived), eating (you have fucked up eating schedule due to nonstop meetings and sometimes have to skip meals), walking (to alleviate neck/back pain and stiffness). Making an additional 20k 6months from now is not gonna make the coming week any easier for them. 


I went through that thread and this is a quote from there. BB Pay is pretty comparable to that in real dollars and this is from 14 years ago. 

"of course its only the bonus..all in for the first years should roughly be 130 to 160K (including sign on)"

Yea I read it and numbers got higher as it went on. But the pay is at least comparable to better IMO.

Where it's lacking is you don't get a lot of the perks (strict meal allowances, client meals, etc very tame, no hookers and blow, etc, etc.).


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