Having trouble telling people where I work

I’ve had many people (family and friends) ask me over the past few months “oh do you have a job? Where do you work?”. Unless you go to a large BB company, 95% of the general non finance population doesn’t know banks. My response usually is as follows

“Yeah, I’ll be working in NYC in IB”

Response: “oh that’s so awesome, what company”

Me: “Uhh it’s a boutique in the restructuring IB space… you probably haven’t heard of them but they are called XYZ”

Response: with a blank stare “oh that’s cool…”

Apart from going to work at a BB (I’m actually extremely excited to work at this company), how the hell do I explain where I work to people without making it so awkward?


Ignore the other guy, just say the bank you work at. No one understands what restructuring even is and that’s why they’re confused. If they don’t know the bank you work at so be it. I work at a well known bank but in a much less prestigious role than IB, so for most people there’s a give and take between them. Be proud of where you work bro, who really gives an actual fuck in the real world when you’re just talking to some people who don’t actually know finance (also boutiques give more responsibility to juniors anyway I heard right?)

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Agree, just say where you work.

Tho I don’t have any pride in my employer. I’m a mercenary. Banks treat you like a mercenary.

I take pride in my work product but not my employer.


Just tell them where you work. If some engineer or lawyer or consultant told you they worked at some random company you wouldn’t care either and wouldn’t understand their companies role.

If they don’t understand it and you want them to or they ask, then give them a brief description of it. For you it’d be “companies hire us to advise them when going through or facing bankruptcy”. Just something simple is all that’s needed. No one outside of this board cares that it’s an “elite boutique” or any other term to categorize investment banks.


I usually just say “financial services” and people don’t ask further… better than having explain to someone what FIG is :)


Dude what? Just say the name of your firm. If they give a fuck they’ll ask what the firm is/what you do, otherwise everyone moves on to another subject


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