How many hours do you usually work per week?

A FT analyst told me this summer that his actual hours are probably closer to 50 hours but a lot of time is spent waiting for comments so he’s in front of his computer for longer than he should be. 

On average this year, how many hours did you work each week in IB? Exclude time spent waiting for comments, picking up lunch etc

Hours worked per week?

17% (68 votes)
20% (80 votes)
12% (48 votes)
13% (53 votes)
14% (55 votes)
12% (46 votes)
11% (43 votes)
Total votes: 393
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I strongly doubt many people are constantly working more than 80 hours. Could there be some busy stretches - sure. But most weeks I’ve had were lighter than 65 hours of actual work, there’s lots of down time once you become efficient at the job.


Agree with above, there is downtime but I don't really distinguish that from working... maybe during Covid when you were just in bed watching Netflix when not actively working, but when you're in the office it is honestly even more boring/tiring sitting in the office staring at a computer waiting.

I would actually much rather have work to do. You aren't leaving before ~12am regardless, the time goes by faster when you have a task to work on

But to answer your question I spend likely ~60h actually "working" out of a typical 80-85h workweek


A “normal” week is 50 hours/week of actual work, and ~25 hours “on the clock” waiting around for stuff. Being on call from 9am-midnight M-TH, 9am-7pm F, and ~5 hours sprinkled in on Sunday adds up to these 75 hours.

I’d say 60% of weeks fall somewhere in the realm of a “normal” week, 30% are busier weeks (85-100 hours), and 10% are slow weeks.

People love to tell horror stories of 100 hour weeks… I can count on two hands the number of 100 hour weeks I’ve done in 3+ years in IB. They are very hard and frankly not sustainable… the majority of people who brag about doing 100 hour weeks spend most of the hours dicking around / talking / being inefficient, at least at my bank. Actually working 100 hours in a week is very hard.


My experience has been similar to the hours you mentioned


LOL at the hours - even as an analyst I’d average 60-65 hours weekly. 

Honestly if you’re pulling 75+ hr on average for all 52 weeks of the year as an analyst or associate, you’re either inefficient, overstaffed or at a sweaty group lol


Lol I knew I couldn’tve been the only analyst working sub 60 hrs regularly


guess 80+ hrs weeks are likely at sweaty groups and deal closing periods? 


At an EB, would say I've averaged about 65 - 70 hours per week since starting a year and a half ago. Imo you should def count the downtime hours you're spending at the office, because you still have to pretend you're busy/working on actual shit. I don't know of anyone that spends their downtime scrolling espn or amazon, everyone is paranoid of someone seeing that. You never want to give the impression that you have a ton of capacity, cus it'll A. annoy your colleagues who are pulling late nights, and B. likely result in you receiving another staffing. Would definitely prioritize a firm that has a hybrid WFH model. PJT and Lazard I know are generous in this regard, think most BBs are in the office M - F but if I'm wrong someone please correct me.

Sounds obvious but your workload will  depend on the seniors in your group and your group's deal flow. Some MDs/partners have not the slightest ounce of respect for their juniors' work life balance, and are constantly making up bullshit analysis for prospective clients that has little to no chance of landing a mandate. Some groups have a lot more deal flow than others. 

I think I've been relatively lucky with my work life balance compared to most of my business school classmates, I have a few good friends who regularly work 80-85 hour weeks.   


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