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I am a last year Master student looking for an internship (this is my first post!) I received an offer to work for the Dubai office of a BB. Honestly, at first thought it sounded nonsense, also because I thought it was not going to be the best for a woman and as first job. I was much thinking to stay in Europe offices, but then I read and heard that instead western women are really respected ... and also that VAT=0.

Do you know something more about work life balance, salary, work environment doing IB in Dubai rather than Europe? Would take that job or accept only offers from Europe / UK if you were in my shoes?


Definitely not awful lol. I think it's a good opportunity. That's true that it's more "prestigious" to start in London but who cares. I've seen people lateralling from Dubai to London, it's a bit harder but definitely doable. 

Hours can be pretty rough. Culture depends on the team/firm. You'll live pretty well with your salary. Lifestyle can be annoying tho. It's really hot and you'll have to get dinner next to reality tv stars and fancy prostitutes. However, there is quite a bit of expats so you can have a decent friend group. 

I'd just do a couple of years to save up then come back to europe/UK

Source: Two friends working there


Hi! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of masters program did you come from? It says UK, so was curious if you came from an Oxbridge/London background (LSE/Imperial/LBS/UCL). I'm a 2nd year undergraduate student at a semi-target in the UK (Durham/KCL/Bristol) and want to work in Dubai, and was thinking of doing a masters at one of the London schools mentioned above. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on recruitment to Dubai from these programs, as well from an undergrad similar to mine. Thanks!


Dubai is literally the safest place in the world for women, yeah no ones gonna cat call/grope you(that would result in a death sentence),food is absolutely amazing as well.

You can Pm me if you'd like to know me about living there, I've lived there for 15 years

Also curious how he recruitment process was and if you had any tips on how to network effectively or any tips in general



Could you talk about the recruitment process? I am looking for internships in Dubai and did not see Rothschild posting anything 


You will make great money and you will probably have a very easy life compared to the rest of your friends working in banking in Europe. Dubai is the safest place in the world.

It’s also one of the very few places in the world that hasn’t felt the impact of a recession yet.

Rothschild has a good pipeline and a big team; quality of mandates is not always top tier but that’s fine. They also pay very well


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