IB Model + Deck test with CapIQ?

Hello there,

I am interviewing with a boutique IB in Asia (think India, Singapore, China) for the Analyst role. I have ~2 years of experience in financial services. Next round of interview involves a model + deck test which will last ~12 hours and they will be providing CapIQ access for it (I get to do this from my home). What should I expect? Other companies here usually provide a set of high-level assumptions and that involves creating a model from scratch. Some companies also ask to create a model on public companies and they provide 2-3 days for that (yes, we have to hand spread/copy paste the historicals for that). What's the freaking point of CapIQ here? What are they planning to test me on?

Thanks for all the help!

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Model could be a combination of DCF and/or LBO (likely not LBO if India but be prepared in any case). It could be for a stock pitch or public to private transaction.

Capiq could be for any number of reasons - make WACC calc easier (and hence trading comps), help on transaction comps, cross check your numbers etc. (although beware! It’s not always 100%)

If they are giving you this much time and access, safe to say it’s a test of competence not efficiency. They are looking for a finished product that they can onboard quickly. Have your templates ready, allocate enough time for triple checking your work and be ready to talk about company, industry etc. Professional output matters…

Most western online materials available should be helpful here, (although debt schedules might work differently in Asia) but can try reaching out to former workers of that company and ask..


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