IBI Training vs The Analyst Exchange vs IB Career Path

Has anyone heard of the IB Career Path??? http://www.ibcareerpath.com/

The first program I found was the Investment Banking Institute, but they have only the seminar program, then I found out about the Analyst Exchange, which you have the opportunity to do an internship guaranteed for 4 weeks.

Then The Investment Banking Career Path and The Analyst Exchange have the same price but in The IB Career path you a 3 months guaranteed internship in I-Banking.

I am trying my best and I know when there is no opportunities, you will have to create them, so I was wondering if anybody has been in this program due to I am worried about the quality of the program and if it is a worthy internship for investment banking.

I am a college graduate from a non target school, I am trying from small boutiques to let me volunteer and get more exposure in the banking industry, so I was wondering if this would be a good experience. Look forward to hear opinions, if anybody has heard about this program and if anybody has been in this program would be great to hear any experience.

Thanks in advance!


IB Career Path looks like a cheap blog ready to take your money. Gives me the creeps.

No one's name is on there- no lead instructor or anything.

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IB Career Path looks like a cheap blog ready to take your money. Gives me the creeps.

No one's name is on there- no lead instructor or anything.

Thanks for express your thoughs cofeeaddict. . . This is a new program. the CEO is Jack Bloom and they just started this year.


I am going to ask who are the instructors and the background of them, thanks for your opinion!

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