Intern woes


A little while back I posted that I'd be responsible for an intern. He's been with us for little over a week now.

I'm having a little difficulty giving him meaningful tasks to complete and occupy his time. I initially gave him some spreadsheet work to do with collating balance sheets and earnings summaries and figured I could ease him into some one pagers and research that way. The overall goal project would be an ER style report (with very basic models) at the centre of the internship.

Unfortunately he has quite a bit of difficulty producing good work. Never mind the nice formatting in excel and PP, but basic analysis is somewhat concerning.

I've also had him to high level company write ups and research, which has boiled down to CTRL-C CTRL-V efforts from the databases.

I can’t give him things to do for live stuff, because it takes too long and is generally unusable.

He's a relation of the MD, so I'm trying to make sure the time he has in IB is somewhat useful for his CV. However, he has spent a great deal of time goofing off on FB and the World Cup.

I’d appreciate some advice on how to make this internship valuable for him or how you've dealt with sub par interms, never mind the additional workload I have on top.


Unfortunately another privileged kid who never earned his way through life. I would sit down and tell him your issues with what's going on. I highly doubt you'd get fired for being honest to a summer intern.


I highly doubt I'll see much repercussion regarding this intern's performance. This is coming from a point of view that I'd like to give back/be helpful where I can and not end up being a dick to the interns.

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