Is a Boutique Internship that Valuable in Australia?

Hello all, as the title suggests I have just received an internship offer from an elite boutique bank in Australia. I have read some other forums on here about this and it seems that the general consensus is that elite banks are not as formidable in Australia as they are, in say the US- which obviously makes sense with much less deal flow and size.

I am not necessarily thinking about the value gained from working here indefinitely, but rather of a summer internship experience (2 months) which would be before my final year of my undergraduate. Would it pose worthwhile value for my graduate applications at BB's next year, even though boutique's may not be held in as high of regard? Maybe planning and aiming to start in a graduate role here would be good?

Two of the biggest things for me when thinking about my graduate position in the future is admittedly a good salary and also having a role of high exposure for faster learnings.

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated and cheers in advance!

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The boutique you've received an offer at is (from my understanding) very strong, and if you really want to apply for other banks' grad programs, it will be held in high regard. I have seen people be successful in graduate programs despite having no IB internship. Not sure when the return offer would expire but wouldn't recommend forgoing an offer at that boutique for the chance to receive a grad offer at a BB

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