Offer Decision - Rothschild, Piper Sandler, Lincoln International, Guggenheim

would really appreciate any insights on which offers may be the best as i have been incredibly fortunate to get some offers 

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hellot, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Can you please share your level in IB? Are they all offering the same compensation?

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Gugg hasn't been doing well, what makes you say go there?

  • Intern in IB-M&A

Gugg seems like it's doing just fine. Ranked somewhere around 27 last year (behind it's 2021 ranking of 18), but this year (super early) it was ranked something like 6th thus far. 

lifewtr00000, what's your opinion? Comment below:

in us, guggenheim would be generalist, Piper Sandler is tech and would be interested on thoughts with their dbo acquisition, Lincoln is tmt 

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For your offer at Piper is it for SF or Burlingame? If its Burlingame then you would be working mainly on software deals while SF is pre-acquisition Piper's tech team.

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Gugg 100%

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Piper Sandler's Burlingame Tech team (DBO Partners) is very solid and I would definitely not discount them here. Their whole analyst class has historically been wharton/stanford/stern and they have regularly exited to UMM/MM PE. Guggenheim's TMT team is also very strong, but this matchup is a lot closer than you would think.

SatelliteOfficeManager, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Lincoln is irrelevant compared to Gugg and Roth no matter what group or city you are in. Piper a little better but still think you should be deciding between Gugg and Roth

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ac4, what's your opinion? Comment below:

which offices have you received the offers at?

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Gugg would get my vote. 

Piper if you are really into MedTech or FIG 

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Piper Sandler if you want to do Chemicals/FIG. Some would say Piper Medtech too but Guggenheim's HC team is definitely stronger if you want to do healthcare. IIRC, Gugg was on the Pfizer/Array deal a few years ago. A case can be made for Piper Tech if it's the Burlingame software team (DBO Partners) - a friend of mine took DBO over a mid-tier BB (CS/Citi) before Piper acquired them so would assume they are very solid. However, Guggenheim's TMT team is also one of their top groups on the street so would pick based on culture/people if looking at Tech. In terms of any other group (P&U, Retail, RX, O&G), would easily take Guggenheim. I personally wouldn't go Rothschild in the US when you have a top group at Guggenheim/Piper to choose from. Lincoln is decent, but would put them as last choice here. Reason is,  I have a few friends at Lincoln who have noted that they do only marketing related tasks on the deals. Makes it very hard to go to MM/UMM PE from Lincoln when you do absolutely 0 modeling or analytical work.

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  • Financial Technology Partners (▽01) 98.2%
  • William Blair (▲10) 97.7%

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  • Lincoln International (▲01) 99.1%
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