Perception of Frankfurt offices by London PEs


Not sure whether this fits the IB or PE forum better, but here goes nothing:

Does anyone have a feel for the perception of Frankfurt offices by the large London-based PE funds (MF, upper MM) relative to the London offices? I realize that in terms of networking and arranging interviews London is superior if one has his mind set on landing an associate gig in London post IB, but I am wondering whether the location also significantly affects the perception of the candidate?

For example, if one were to be a strong performing analyst at at GS IBD in Frankfurt and proactively reached out to the relevant headhunters to indicate his interest in working in London, would he be significantly disadvantaged compared to his London peers? Furthermore, for the funds with German operations, is the "risk" of being pigeonholed into one of these a significant?

Any insights would be much appreciated!

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Considering I am a Chinese bachelor without any EU internships experiences before, which way do you think will be better to get a LONDON BB IBD job?           

  1. 申请ESSEC / EDHEC MiF(不是GE,只有1年制课程)作为第一个硕士,然后间隔一年在欧盟实习,然后申请第二个硕士,如HEC / LBS / LSE / Oxbridge。然后尝试伦敦
  2. 选择FSFM / WHU MOF并尝试在法兰克福获得FT IBD,然后尝试搬迁/转移/跳转到伦敦
  3. 非常感谢!

Sorry for the misktakes before...Considering I am a Chinese mentor without any EU interdisciplinary experiences before, which way do you think will be better to get a LONDON BB IBD job?
Apply for ESSEC/EDHEC MiF (not GE, only 1-year program) as the first master's degree, then intern in the EU every one year, and then apply for a second master's degree, such as HEC/LBS/LSE/Oxbridge. And then try London
Choose FSFM/WHU MOF and try to obtain FT IBD in Frankfurt before attempting to relocate/transfer/jump to London
Thank you.

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Net disadvantage because of what mentioned above, but certainly doable, in particular because the Frankfurt teams are in generally perceived to be technically stronger and harder working (across all banks). There is a slight bias at some firms against people from "small" offices (i.e. everything outside London) as its seen as favourable to have exposure to many different people (work styles), cultures etc., but its negligible and does rarely prevent you from getting interviews.

The key is to be proactive and network early to be on HH's radars, you certainly get invited.

With respect to being pigeonhold, dont think there is any large fund in London with a dedicated "German" pool. If a deal within German-speaking Europe comes across then obviously you'd be likely to be staffed on it, but you if there's none (often the case) then you just work as part of the junior pool across whatever execution is live right now. (edit: if you are concerned that e.g. Advent would push you to start in the Frankfurt office rather than in London, then yes its a risk, but it would be similar if you'd do banking in London. Unlikely that they dont take you for London if they like you and you push for it).


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