Pinpoint Partners - Has anything changed?

I have had multiple messages from Pinpoint and obviously know their rep. Has it changed at all or are they still just pump and dump merchants in the recruitment space. They are saying they are working with a Bulge Bracket in London for a TMT Associate.

Don't send a resume.

Ask who they are working with.  After you find out the group/bank, start reaching out to members of the group directly(and hr) and say you are interested in a role in the group if they are looking for people.  Then ghost pinpoint and cut them out.

Pinpoint doesn't have mandates.  They find out about open spots and then try and force themselves into a process.  

They will see a job posting online, reach out to candidates that could be a fit and then spam the resumes to people at that bank. Everyone in the industry knows they are trash. Waterstreet is also owned by the founder of Pinpoint and uses the same strategy.

Do yourself a favor and just block their email alias, along with Water Street. 

You'll have way better luck getting into the BB directly, PinPoint is a total scam and they will spam your resume at a million other openings without your permission. Really have no idea how they are still in business. They don't "work" with the BB they just saw the opening on their website and will try to snake their way in 

Don't bother tbh. They usually inflate the "prestige" of banks they work "with". They emailed me about a position in a leading elite boutique and then over the phone I found out it was Cantor Fitzgerald (in London). Come on...

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