rerecruit for 2025 sa?

hey, wanted to post to get some opinions on this. Long story short, I go to a target and had a couple supers at some EBs (Evercore, Moelis, Lazard) and some firsts but didn't cop anything. Everything is pretty much dying down now and I've kinda let it sink in that I struck out for the banks I really wanted. Everyone said hiring conditions were particularly bad this year and I know FT recruiting is just fucked so how possible is it to delay my grad a sem and just recruit for sa again? Has anyone done this and how would it even work? Could I potentially recruit at the same firms again or would they just not interview me again knowing I'm pretty much delaying on purpose. Also does anyone know what a typical excuse is and if I even have to take the gap sam until after I cop or before? sorry for the super long winded question j really stressed and looking for advice. thanks y'all and good luck!

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Honestly, recruitment isn’t over for BB/MM/Rising EB firms. I know a lot of people got screwed over this year with recruitment just because of the hiring conditions, which have severely limited slots for non-diversity. My advice would be to recruit into the summer and try to go after niche opportunities for groups that have good deal flow, exposure, and that genuinely interest you even if the bank isn’t ideal. You would probably be fine with delaying graduation and re-recruiting for SA 2025 class next year, but going to a target school isn’t cheap and I personally don’t think banking is worth that.

Overall, this was a shit year for everyone, but my goal if I were you would be to secure an offer at some MM or BB for 2024 and then just re-recruit for FT. Again, I understand the frustration because I’ve seen some really retarded people get offers from top banks.


aren't all rising EB and BB done? I tried looking at some UMM pe but couldn't find anything open. also isnt FT just absolutely fucked but SA much easier cuz spots?


UBS finished their diversity recruitment a couple of weeks ago. So they are very much still recruiting. MS and GS have started but still in the early waves for non-diversity. Citi is probably done and BofA is just being weird and confusing. As for MM, there are a bunch of places that are still recruiting. There are also boutiques like Solomon Partners that are rolling into the summer.

As for recruiting for FT. Yes, the process is more difficult and the interviews are more technical-heavy. However, if you had a good experience where you were able to get solid exposure and training that previous summer, then you’d probably already be pretty prepared. Or you could just go for a less appealing bank for a year and lateral to an EB (which is much easier than people on here say it is).


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