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Hi all! I am an incoming summer analyst at a  BB (corporate banking)  in London. Wondering what suit cut do you usually wear to work and what do you think is appropriate? I like deconstructed shoulders on a jacket and single pleat trousers. I think this type of Italian style suit looks best on me since it's more casual ( I am only 21) and it is more comfy as well. E.g. of quality and reasonably priced brands offering this type of suit are: Natalino ( it is a brand founded a by former Bank of America trader) and Anglo Italian Company.  Do you think this is appropriate to wear ( the likes of Litquidity tend to have a strong view on pleated trousers), or is it best to stick to a less "fashion" suit with a classic American style cut(e.g. more boxy) ? 

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I think most analysts buy generic non-tailored suits off the rack, so they would not be in a position where they could decide much on the design of the suit. When that is said, I am having prepared some bespoke suits before I begin my FT stint in July. I got single-pleated trousers and peak lapels - probably not the most traditional, but a suit that fits and is constructed in a good manner looks a thousand times better and more professional than the opposite. You will also be more confident in good clothing which will positively affect your work product. I think you should follow your instinct, but try to follow the rules of thumb such as no pinstripes, no Gordon Gekko shirt etc

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Thank you!

Agree with you on the importance of a good fitting suit.

And yes, no crazy slim/loose fit and no 80s gekko shirt or wolf of wall street pinstripe suit. Only navy or grey suit and white shirt.

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