Hey Millennials, why do you hate suits?

Saw a post on here about suits the other day. It got me thinking. And millennials- I have a gripe with you.

It is not because your generational culture is founded in Virtue Signaling.

Not because you are the champions of cancel culture. 

It’s not because of your disregard for suits thinking that it is more stylish to dress down and wear athleisure- as if you’re sticking it to the man. Or as if you wish you were some nerd that’s never slayed cooch writing c++ from a bean bag chair in NoCal drinking a goat milk cortado.

It’s not because when you dropped blockbuster in favor for Netflix.

or that you actually enjoyed the movie Avatar.

it’s because you’re all yellow bellies.

hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create millennials who create bad times.

where a suit you slobs 

millennials r pussies but wtf does that have to do with suits lol.

ur just exposing yourself to be another boomer thats bitter ur not cool anymore.

Also, “hypergamy,” “yellow belly,” and “virtue signaling?” The amount of words on this thread that i had to google is concerning

Can we agree no ties?

What’s past is past and can’t be undone. It has led to the circumstances we now face. All we can do is recognize our circumstances for what they are and make the best decisions we can, “given the givens.” - Howard Marks

Ties restrict blood flow to brain by 7.5%

What’s past is past and can’t be undone. It has led to the circumstances we now face. All we can do is recognize our circumstances for what they are and make the best decisions we can, “given the givens.” - Howard Marks

The culture nowadays just sucks balls. Guys look and dress like shit, widespread blatant hypergamy (not that I have anything against this, I'm part of the problem, a pussy you don't fuck today is a pussy you might not fuck tomorrow, but its different for dudes), people bitch and whine about trivial shit, every dumbass is virtual signalling, cancel culture, twitter, etc etc and don't get me started with the liberal socialist retards that run most of the western world. In fact, fuck democracy, there, I said it. Go read some Plato. And also this:

I love modern culture tbh. Old people gotta get with the times because your opinions don’t really matter

It likely stems from childhood. Pops would get home and more often than not the first thing to happen is the tie comes off with a great sigh of relief. Subconsciously this instills a belief in the child that dressing up is associated with unpleasant work. Which leads to where we're at now, a disdain for the tie, and ever more so, the suit. I'm similar age to yourself OP, I think suiting up is important when meeting with clients for the first time or for other important occasions and whatnot. Apart from that though, I don't think there is any benefit to dressing up in more restrictive and expensive clothing only for it to deteriorate and depreciate as time passes and styles change.  

So one's approach to suits depends because of his parent? Then your case subconciouslly instils a belief that his father is a looser because is obliged to do something which he does not enjoy. In my case, I could wear a suit 24/7 because the people whom I saw with suits were role models for me.

Times change, i generally agree.  

But you’re buying the wrong suits and ties if they go out of style.  And if they stop fitting then stop eating like shit and have enough self respect to maintain your health and aesthetics.

Business casual - lululemon or similar pants, if I’m sitting at a desk for 14+ hours a day there’s no need to not be comfortable.

Without disclosing too much I’m in one of those groups that’s in IB at some banks and CB in others.

I have a jacket at the office I put on for last minute client meetings, but honesty people don’t care anymore about what you wear. If they are going to do business with you they want to like you as a person/group/bank and know that you can get something across the finish line for them.

I love wearing suits - but the problem is that if you want to maximize comfort, you'll either start veering outside conservative dress-code (no problem these days) as far as cut and fabric goes, for example a completely natural / unstructured suit with light summer fabric, which basically feels like wearing a PJ...but alas, looks too soft, like you're about to take a stroll in Monaco.

Or you need to get a properly tailored suit, with decent fabric - which could get pretty expensive in the long run. 

I think most people that hate wearing suits, have probably been traumatized from shitty fabrics, poor patterns, shirts that don't breathe, too snug collars, etc. 

And they require more care and maintenance than your chinos and fleece vest combo. 

1) they're expensive.

2) they hide your body. if you're a fatty, then suits will help you hide it. but if you are muscular, nobody will see it under a suit. athletic hoodie or tight t-shirt will look much better if you're muscular.

3) they look like shit. if you're muscular, the suit will always layer around your armpits when you raise your hands of try to reach something or try to gesticulate, because suits are not stretchy. if you want to avoid it, you'll have to buy a big suit which will look like a piano cover. also, the shirt always layers on top of your pants when you raise hands / try to reach something / gesticulate. 

4) they feel like shit. if you're muscular, every time your try to reach something or raise your hand, the suit will bump into your armpits and make you feel uncomfortable.

5) difficult to wash. I can throw a hoodie into a washer. with suits I have to take them to the dry cleaners and pay about the same as the cost of a new hoodie for each cleaning.

why do you like them?

I constantly am either bulking or cutting. My body changes every couple of months. Tailoring makes no sense in that case.

Suits are really for people who don't work out.

Also tailoring can only do so much. Look at the Jay Cutler pics below. His suit is clearly tailored but it still just hides all his gains. He could be fat under the suit, and it would look about the same. However, look at him in a t-shirt - doesn't it look much better?

Been wearing suits most of my career.

Just had a nightmare the other day where colleagues and I were to go to a meeting. 5 minutes before the meeting, I was waiting for my team in the lobby. Guys show up last minute with the books so I tell them to let’s go let’s go. Pumped for this. Get into the elevator, saw in the reflection that I was unshaved, messy hair, in a T shirt, and for some bizzare reason holding my suits/gear in a suit cover. 30 seconds until door opens. Adrenalin rushes, blood pressure up, buttoning shirts and getting help zipping up suit pants, door about to open…

Then fucking wake up in cold sweat only to realize I’ve been holding a massive tank of piss. Crisis averted. No bladder explosion today. 

That was nerve wrecking. Subconsciously the suit is just part of my identity. Call it pathetic, judge me if you will, I don’t care. Being prepared gives me the sanity to do my job. That fire drill nightmare was not good for my heart.

Obviously I don’t wish this upon others. Just wanted to share another take on this topic. If you’re used to a system and all of a sudden change from it (from suiting up everyday to WFH/post pandemic attire, whatever it means), it could add mental toll. At the very least it adds a layer of a decision to make vs. just showing up with the same attire everyday. Some welcomed the change to a dress code closer to their normal wear (perhaps younger generations), others didn’t like the change to their ritualistic habit (say guys with some vintage). I think what we need is to realize we all come with differing perspective on this and to the extent you get any directions from your firm, it simplifies your decisions. My personal preference is always to suit up just to err on the side of caution. 

Larry Wheels has a video on tailored suit which was funny and interesting

however if you're fat, suit will hide it. so I understand that you might like suits if you're fat or skinny. suits also look good on skinny people. but if you're muscular, suits just hide the results of your hard work and make you look not much better than a fatty in the next cubicle.fat

I like to wear a suit... it's the boomers in my groups who told me to stop wearing them...