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  • Intern in IB - Cov
Jul 13, 2022 - 4:53pm

also hotter girls, better party life, better IB recruiting and more alumni presence across banks. Emory still good tho

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Jul 13, 2022 - 5:06pm

Emory better for IB per capita for sure but I think UNC is more fun and that difference in experience would make me lean towards UNC because the difference in recruiting is very small IMO (have friends at both).

Jul 14, 2022 - 1:11am
Chosenmonkey74, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Academic and recruitment side

I know a lot about both. Overall Emory has an edge because recruitment amount is pretty similar but Emory places a decent more per capita because they essentially get the same amount of recruitment for less students. Emory also has a somewhat  more prestigious name which helps for banks that don't do On campus recruitment at either. UNC's business school also has a 35% acceptance rate and you would need a 3.6-3.7+ to get in. Emory basically takes everyone into the B-school(90% acceptance rate).

Essentially when you're looking at UNC b-school, placement you're looking at a place where everyone has 3.65+ vs at Emory just 3.0+ which can skew the outcomes. I'd put it like this Emory because of its name and size provides a better safety net if you don't do too well and it will be easier to break in from Emory. However if you're a top performer 3.8+GPA,clubs etc your outcome will be similar from both. Emory has a better pipeline into EBs and UNC into BBs both are pretty equal for MMs. The thing is that it will probably be easier to break into BBs from Emory than an EB from UNC just because of the structure of these banks. 

Social side

UNC has a thriving sports scene and campus is always popping. This will make it seem lively at all times. People at UNC love UNC. Emory is more nerdy and has 0 sports and much less school spirit. UNC has a lot of in-state kids who didn't really care for Ivies and a lot of them are there to have a good time and are more invested in the non-academic side of things(relatively speaking). A lot of people at Emory are bitter to be there because almost all of them were trying for Ivies and many actually on paper were Ivy material but got rejected or waitlisted. The average and lower end Emory student will probably be smarter but the top ends of both schools will be similar and UNC might even have a slight edge due to the number of smart in-state kids that go there for tuition reasons.

UNC will have a lot more parties but if you're not in the greek scene it may be hard to get in. Emory will have fewer parties but easier access. You also have Atlanta in close proximity so if you venture out of campus there's a lot more to do vs at UNC but on campus UNC has a lot more. The gender ratio is great at both places. UNC is more homogeneous but still has a decent amount of minorities but they're usually just Asians(mainly Indians) and its 82% in-state. Emory is extremely diverse with there being a similar amount of Asian and white people and a decently high percent of black people too. Its also 20% international with tons of Koreans and Chinese people. UNC will definitely be more economically diverse as Emory is filled with private school rich kids.

I hope this is helpful. Seriously though I would chose based on fit because nobody will hire or reject you based on the difference of these 2.



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  • Prospect in IB - Gen
Jul 14, 2022 - 2:34pm

Dude. Your entire post history is you ranking colleges (specifically Emory). You're a sophomore in college and have not recruited let alone been on the interview side. You can express your view on the school itself (I.e., academics/social scene) but STOP adding any insight into prestige or which school is better for IB scene. It's cringe and is always going to be misleading since you're not a professional or in IB or even recruited.

Jul 14, 2022 - 3:43pm
Chosenmonkey74, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I appreciate the feedback and you're right to some extent. I occasionally post and was heavily into chasing colleges a while back hence the few comments(like 3 including this one) over like 6 months lol I've made have been about that. I have not recruited or worked in IB so I don't comment on recruitment specific posts or other types of posts like you may not comment on astrophysics(just a guess you might). I know a lot about some schools(these 2 and a few others specifically) so I talk more about them. While any comparison is really subjective if you look at the points I'm talking about they're all either objectively or subjectively true. If you can point to any time I have made some outrageous claim then I will retract my comments. 

The points I made on the academic side -

-KF is a lot harder to get into than Goizueta within UNC- true

- Both get similar recruitment- true since both are upper semi targets

-Emory has higher per capita placement- true according to the whatever data there is and just logically

-UNC has better BB pipeline and Emory has better EB- true look at OCR for UNC and Emory or just numbers at firms and this will be true

-Emory has slightly greater prestige/name- this could be debatable but just based on ranking and selectivity its a valid point although not as objectively true as the other points. UNC has somewhat greater name recognition so that may be a point there.

-The inference I made was Emory provides more of a cushion at the lower and mid ends and higher rate of breaking in(based on per capita placement) is also valid. I also said that at the top ends the outcomes will be similar.

Social side

-UNC has a lot of school spirit. Emory has none. People at UNC love UNC. Emory is a bitter Ivy reject school. - True

-Emory is a lot more ethnically and geographically diverse. UNC is 82% in-state and a lot more white- True

To be honest my point is less biased or at least more logically driven than most points made here so any comment can really be nitpicked. Ultimately any comment strongly recommending one school over the other in this case is infinitely more misleading than anything I have said. Sorry for this long ass comment I was in debate and my internship is very boring

Also why is everyone ignoring the fact that OP has Analyst in IB as a high school senior



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  • Associate 1 in RE - Comm
Jul 14, 2022 - 2:54pm

I went to UNC for undergrad. Decided to do IB last minute (read no internships prior to IB summer internship junior year). I still got interviews and superdays with a few BBs and ultimately ended up at a MM. The alumni network was huge for me and super helpful. Can't speak to Emory but the Carolina alumni were awesome (took my calls, vouched for me if we hit it off, one guy even scheduled an office visit for me and I met with like 5-7 guys 1on1 before interviews kicked off). 

Ended up in REPE after, and UNC is one of the top schools here with guys in almost every major acq. and dev shop. Had no intention of doing RE, just loved it after taking a course in it for my b-school elective. But again the alumni network was helpful here too. Lot of guys in general PE as well.

If you're a smart guy guy / gal and confident you can get into KF, I'd recommend UNC but I'm biased. If you're in-state, UNC is a steal (I was out of state). Socially, had a blast at UNC. I met friends from all walks of life, from fratters to random guys I played pick up with. Sports scene is huge and added bonus as well. 

Jul 20, 2022 - 4:16am
JavierDiaz, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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