VP is having a personal issue with me

Last week, we had a big meeting to discuss the addition of a new procedure within the data team that was introduced last year and has been growing ever since. Without much detail, it’s a pretty hot-button thing because teams mostly either love it or think it’s completely stupid. This meeting was pretty high level, the regional ops CEO was present to hear arguments and decide about expanding the procedure. My VP asked me to speak first on his behalf, he was joining online and was leaving within 15 minutes any way. I put the presentation on as everyone was in the room m, and then I look at two VPs sitting in the back who were talking very loudly. I started presenting, and these two cunts were still chatting and laughing. I looked at them until they stfu and then did my thing. One of these VPs isn’t even in this office, I had no clue what she was doing here. 

But the guy in my office took massive offence from just the way I looked at him. Today, he stopped me to tell me he didn’t appreciate it or whatever the fuck but he was extremely confrontational and angry. It was like he was scolding me. He said that hierarchy is very important and it comes with respect and behaviour is prioritised more so than performance, and so on. I interrupted him by saying I needed to work (which I actually did). Now, he’s out and about telling everyone how much I disrespected him. Is he just a fucking baby or did I look at him really wrong? I’m almost done with this internship (off-cycle) and I could potentially lose it now. He’s literally crying to everyone on my team about it. What do I do with this fucking douchebag?

There is no way that VP is respected by his peers if he's this thirsty for fake deference from an Intern. 

But yeah, welcome to IB. Sometimes you have to look like an idiot yourself to allow your superiors to be bigger assholes unimpeded. 

Interns should always assert dominance - google Gorilla stare and practice religiously.

It's best to do it with colleagues that are several levels of seniority above - it makes complete sense since the intern is almost always presenting the most important information ever to exist. Always draw a line and be prepared to die for it!

Also, good thing VP was wearing brown pants or you would have no chance of a return offer. For your next intern presentation bring a pack of diapers just in case.

Good luck and may the monkeh force be with you.

not at the moment cause it’s all super busy now, but I am on really good terms with ny MD whos “partnered” with me in a language course (a whole other thing at the bank being promoted now). Planning to let him know but obviously I need to be very careful about it. I wouldn’t want to “escalate” because I’m just an intern, but I was also told that many people found it disrespectful he was talking during an important presentation. 

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Lol welcome to IB/PE life, where every senior person has a fragile ego and hierarchy is paramount over common decency. 

I wasn't there (maybe you were being a cunt, idk), but even if he is being overly sensitive - it doesn't matter. PERCEPTION is reality and if he perceived that you disrespected him, and if he is senior to you, then that is now the truth and it doesn't matter what you say or what really happened. IB is super political and a VP has more pull than the intern. 

I have been in this situation before as an intern. I hated it, but have come to accept these dynamics. For the rest of your internship, just make sure to apologize and walk on egg shells. No point in escalating b/c you're going to lose. And of course, recruit for another place where you can start fresh and hopefully people are more normal. 

"I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

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