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Big fan of Shinola. Many watch enthusiasts will correctly say that Shinola watches are overpriced (paying a premium for Ronda quartz movement) but the case and strap quality are excellent and they have great designs (especially if you like bigger faces). For this price range, I simply don't care about movement and would rather have a watch that looks great. My recommendation is to hunt on eBay. I found a great runwell for ~50% off retail and get compliments on it almost every time I wear it.

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thanks im also getting into the watch game, (incoming analyst as well)  with seiko and apple wathc thus far lol

high hopes, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Save up and get something in the $2k to $3k range instead

watch prices are plummeting from ADs or grey market. Tudor Black Bay 58 are apparently below $3k on strap (not bracelet)

The_Finance_Flunky, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Could not agree more. Best bang for your buck in the market right now is the Tudor Black Bay 58 - gorgeous watch, virtually Rolex quality without the Rolex price tag and arguably better looking than a Rolex Sub (this coming from a guy who wears a Sub every day and still drools over the Tudor Black Bay 58).  

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appreciate it but also I am an incoming first-year analyst (2023)  however from the summer it seems the people who wore watches that were up to that range were associates and up so don't want to come off like an asshole wearing a watch within that price range

Levered Beta Boy, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Seconding the comments above on saving for a nice watch. That being said, its not a huge saving delta and getting something more dressy like the Baltic MR01 in that price range which is from a pretty interesting microbrand wouldn't push back a higher end purchase that much and give you something to wear in the mean time. 

  • Intern in IB - Gen

MR01 pre order date expired, are you aware of the next batch of pre orders i love the design and the look of the watch

  • Intern in IB - Gen

MR01 pre order date expired, are you aware of the next batch of pre orders i love the design and the look of the watch

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Well you can't even really get a Rolex through an AD right now even if you wanted, so not much of a choice. That will probably change as the market continues to soften (secondary market prices have fallen a fair bit lately), but the submariner and GMT's are pretty hard to get (or you can pay the markup in the secondary market). 

As for Breitling they are a solid brand and very dependable watches. They have also had some interesting releases lately. I would say you should try one on as they can feel pretty big depending on your wrist size. Even the best watch, if uncomfortable or looks off, won't be worn frequently and will feel awkward. 

At around that price you are looking at the typical brands: Tudor, Cartier, omega, potentially some JLC (pre owned but probably tough), IWC, etc. 

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