Yield Management Intern at Paramount Pictures

Hello. I am a sophomore at a non-target school in New York studying Econ. I am very interested in IB and PE and have applied to a bunch of internships for the summer. However, I applied to an internship at Paramount, which I forgot I even did, and I received an offer to work as a Yield Management Intern. The description is:
Pricing RFPs (Request for proposals)
Forecasting availabilities for RFPs
Approving new deals
Recurring KPI reporting and analysis
Ad-hoc projects with focus on creating new reporting, analysis, and processes optimizations
Developing relationships with partners, especially in the Sales Org (We support the Digital Ad Sales Org focusing on Pricing, Packaging, Policy, and Demand Analysis)

Should I settle for this internship since I haven't gotten updates on others? Will this look like good experience for (hopefully) future roles in IB?

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food2eat2day, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I worked in media sophomore year (studio better than paramount) and was able to get interviews at all top banks junior year. Had a 3.9 in Econ at a top target. It's easier to get interviews if you have a finance internship but media is a decent play if you have a good story / ok with taking the road less traveled. You still have to demonstrate an interest in finance on your resume to be safe though. 

YeezyBlade, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you. Just a little sad that I was only able to get an offer at Paramount while my friends are getting offers at banks. Do you think this internship would look good when applying to roles covering TMT?

food2eat2day, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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